What is Quantum Dot TV?

Nowadays, Television manufacturers are constantly working to improve the quality of the display panel by integrating a wide range of features. As a customer, you should be expecting new technology while you invest a large amount of money.

We have seen the emergence of 3D, 2K, 4K and curved displays. The future is Quantum dots and is expected to hit the retail shelves before the end of 2017. To recall, LG had showcased a prototype of Quantum Dot TV at CES 2015. We expect Sony, Samsung, and TCL to release Quantum Dot TV.

The main advantage of Quantum dots technology is that it addresses the problems of common LED TVs such as decrease in the panel failure. Moreover, the Quantum displays provide deep blacks and rich color than conventional LED TVs.

You should note that Quantum dots are light-emitting nanocrystals, which directly absorb light of one wavelength to convert into another. Invented at Bell Labs in 1982, the Quantum dots are tiny crystals that are added above the backlight layer on a LED TV.

The typical blue LED light is sprinkled through a layer of quantum dots. The integrated crystals break down the light to deliver a rich white light. It will contain all the colors of the spectrum to deliver a crisp and bright display than the conventional LED light.

The advantage of Quantum dots display is that it will ensure enhanced picture quality with darker blacks and vibrant non-blue colors. You can assume that a LED TV with quantum dot technology is more or less equal to that of a plasma or OLED TV in image quality.

After you switch on the TV, the quantum dot technology will be passed through tubes located on the edges of the display. Technically, the quantum dots will be a thick layer of the film above the backlight.

We expect the launch of Quantum dot TV before the end of 2017. However, you should be prepared to pay more than the currently available LED TVs. By the end of 2020, the Television sets manufactured using Quantum technology will be available at a cheaper price and will compete with the LED TV’s, which would be outdated by that time.

Anand Narayanaswamy is a freelance technology writer based in Trivandrum. He had contributed several articles and reviews for various software based portals.

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