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Mac is a beautiful piece of art created by one of the best tech companies in this modern tech world, the Apple. From the great insights of Steve Jobs, the company had a glory path in providing quality products to the customers. If you are a lucky customer that owns a Macbook of your own, you should be taking care of it with all the necessary precautions. You can install a good antivirus and protect it from the online thefts and spammers. But what about the real-world situations? What to do if someone tried to steal or stolen your lovely MacBook?

Track My Mac is an iOS application which lets you keep an eye on your favorite MacBook all the time. With its advanced device tracking technology, you will never have to worry about your device being stolen or forgotten somewhere. You will be given the complete access over your device even if it is not in the nearest location. It is not just a device tracker but can help you to find thief even without letting them know that they are being tracked. To know more about this interesting application for the iOS devices, have a look at this Track my Mac App Review.

Track My Mac Home

Track my Mac App Interface

The Track My Mac app has a yet simple but elegant interface with all the important features stacked together on the main interface itself. In urgent situations, this elegant design will let you start tracking your MacBook as soon as possible. All you have to do for setting up the device is installing the MacKeeper application on your Mac and this app on your iPhones or other iOS devices. After authorizing the device on the app, you will be able to track it whenever you wanted to.

Track My Mac Welcome Screen

The app performs pretty well and we were not able to find any problems either during the setup process or during the tracking. The main advantage of this Mac tracker is that you don’t have to be near to the stolen device. It can track the device and send you the location data from any part of the world as soon as it is connected to the internet. Being one of the best laptops in the world, the thief will most probably use it for accessing the internet. So, no need to worry about it.

Track My Mac Features

Track my Mac App Features

Unlike many other usual tracking apps for your iOS devices, this one has a lot of specialties such as capturing and sending the photo of the thief. To know more about the Track my Mac App features, read the following sections.

Anti-Theft Protection

Like already mentioned, the sole purpose of this handy app is to protect your Macs from being stolen. It will automatically report your Mac as “Stolen” when continuous unauthorized access is found. It will automatically start tracking it from your iPhone immediately in order to make sure that it stays in focus. Whenever the thief try to access the device again, you will get a picture taken from the webcam reached your iPhone. You could easily proceed the recovery using this as an evidence.

Track My Mac Security

Spy Lock

Whenever someone types an invalid password on your Mac, a snapshot of the person will be taken without them noticing it. Even if you haven’t reported the theft on the application, it is will take the picture. This allows you to know who tried to access your Mac when you were away from it. So, better luck in catching your sibling trying to access your Mac and punishing him.

Evidence-based reports

The app can fetch an iSight photo of the thief alongside the location details. This can be used as a strong evidence to catch the thief and recover your device as soon as possible. To make this happen, you have to report that your device is stolen. There is an option on the app that let you do this. You will most probably get the correct photo of the thief’s face because the usual laptop usage is in such a way that the face is completely visible to the webcam.

Remote Screen Locker

Once you found that your Mac is stolen, you should make some disturbance to the thief so that you could proceed with the recovery process. So, the app allows you to remotely lock the Mac screen. You can lock and unlock the screen on your Mac remotely using the internet connection. This helps to prevent the thief from accessing any of your important data stored in the device.

Track My Mac Location

Can track multiple Macs

If you are rich enough that owns multiple Macs, there is no need to extend the number of iPhones to install the application. It supports a unlimited number of devices to track from the same app. You just have to authorize each device and install the MacKeeper application on all of them. You are good to go.

Precise Location Tracker

The app utilizes the Google Location Services to precisely track the current location of your Mac. As per the developers, your device should be connected to a Wifi connection for this feature to work. There is no need to worry because most of the stolen devices will be accessed as soon as they find a safe location to use it. At the first second itself, the details regarding the location will be sent to you.


After thoroughly reviewing the Track my Mac App, we found it as one of the best tracking applications for the iOS devices. From our tests, it successfully tracked the device which made us believe that the application works perfectly. No matter how careful you are with your Mac, it is always possible to forget it somewhere or someone steal it from you. So, make sure that you installed and setup this app to keep and eye on your beautiful Mac. You could do that from the following link.

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Track My Mac App Review
8.5 Overall
User Interface8.5
Value For Money9

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