Best Cases For Your Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a small ARM based computer running under GNU/Linux. Which is very famous these days for portabiility and price. If you are a Raspberry Pi owner and looking for a good case to protect your little computer we’ve chosen some best cases for you.

Lego Raspberry Pi Case

1.Lego Raspberry Pi Case:

Lego Rspberry Pi Case is created by darrennie from Instructables. You can build a perfect case from parts of Lego available in ebay.

Visit Instructables for complete details.


2.Rainbow Pibow:

The Pibow is a colorful, durable and fun case for the Raspberry Pi computer that is perfectly in touch with the ethos of the Raspberry Pi. Pibow available in adafruit website from UK which is priced at £13 to £25.

Buy Pibow here.



ModMyPi is a case manufacturer for Raspberry Pi, they provide high quality accessories for the Raspberry Pi. ModMyPi store has color full cases for Raspberry Pi including colors like black, white, red, green and blue.

Visit ModMyPi.

Raspberry Pi Enclosure Kit

4.Raspberry Pi Enclosure Kit:

For normal PC cabinet style lovers Raspberry Pi Enclosure Kit is for you. It looks like same as a PC enclosure in tiny size. You can buy directly on store for $12.50.

Buy Raspberry Pi Enclosure Kit.



Sweetbox is a Raspberry Pi case successfully funded in kickstarter project. It is made of strong plastic material protects it from shocks and scratches. You don’t have to open the case to access the GPIO pins, just remove the rubber cap and plug in. At present the case is unavailable , you’ll have to wait for the next funding service.

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Visit Sweetbox.


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