Best Apple iPhone 5C Cases & Covers

The latest iPhone 5C is a great device with funky looking colors. If you want to customize more just simply add a case to your device. Buying a case is not only a style quote it also provide extra protection to your device from shocks and droppings.

Here we selected the best of Apple iPhone 5C cases.



The STOWAWAY Credit Card Case for iPhone 5c features a back compartment that can hold up to three credit cards or IDs for convenient carrying. Constructed with a Flex2O soft shell core, the STOWAWAY Case provides excellent shock absorption and device protection.

iPhone 5C Official Case Details

Apple iPhone 5C Case

Apple iPhone 5C case is a official case from Apple. Take personal expression to the next level with a colorful iPhone 5c Case. The silicone exterior is pleasant to hold and touch, and the inside is lined with soft microfiber. And precisely drilled holes align perfectly with the speakers.

Pure Gear Retro

PureGear Retro Game Case

PureGear Retro Game Case turn your iPhone 5C into retro gaming machine. PureGear taken so much care for flexible grip in the hand along with protection. Experience old school retro gaming fun with newly inspired product line.

iPhone 5C Otterbox

Otterbox Defender Series Case

OtterBox is a well known name for iPhone accessories. Otterbox Defender Series cases for iPhone 5C gives a robust protection to your device with decent style quote. Rugged, multi-layer iPhone 5C case protects against drops, dust bumps and shock.


Marware Azteka Case

Marware Azteka Case is made up of silicon for shock absorption and protection from sudden drops. It gives a soft grip in your hands. The case is neatly designed to access all the ports with ease. It is a cheapest case for iPhone 5C.


iLuv Dairy

iLuv Dairy is a stylish case made for iPhone 5C with genuine leather hardshell. The look completely resemblances the personal dairy cum wallet in your hand. It is a premium case for your precious iPhone 5C.

TYLT Rugged

TYLT Rugged Case

TYLT Rugged case is aesthetically designed case for iPhone 5C. The corners on the TYLT RUGGD are triple reinforced. The design is centered upon impact distribution, shock absorption and to look more awesome.

Spigen iPhone 5C Clear Case

SPIGEN Case Ultra Thin Air

iPhone 5C case Ultra Thin Air Series is a hard case made of polycarbonate material. The durable, lightweight, and non-toxic qualities of polycarbonate make the Ultra Thin a reliable solution for protecting the iPhone 5C from external impacts.

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