View Metadata For Your Movies Easily With MovieScanner

In a huge Movie library it is very difficult to find which one is for which device. The default windows explorer shows only some details of a file. If you want take a deep look at your library using Windows explorer the details are poor.

Download MovieScanner app for Windows and Mac. After downloaded MovieScanner as a ZIP archive, you will just need to extract all its content to your desired location.It is a portable app and don’t require any installation in your machine. The user interface is very easy to understand. Just open it and you can add any single movie file or you can add entire folder to scan.



After adding it instantly searches for the metadata of your video files and shows results. The results will be based on whether the video files is a Wide screen or traditional TV, screen resolution, size, format, video codec, audio codec, audio channel, subrip, language and time.

Download MovieScanner.

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