Microweber-A Quick Glimpse Of New User Friendly CMS

A good content management system makes publishers work very easy. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal are the popular CMS available in the internet industry and the list is slowly increasing. Microweber is new entry in the content management system programs, it is aimed to deliver maximum ease to the publisher. The main structure of Microweber is based on PHP and JavaScript/AJAX APIs. It is a simple, easy to use and drag & drop powered CMS which is highly suitable for designers, freelancers and less technical knowledged people.

A perfect CMS makes content publication process much easier. It can save lot of time and effort to maintain site in a user friendly environment. Microweber is created by Boris and Peter two years ago. It is just recently came out of its beta and is a product close to its complete finish.

Features of Microweber CMS

The features of Microweber are very user friendly and rich.

1.Drag and Drop

The first main feature of Miceoweber is drag & drop facility. User can easily drag & drop videos, images, embed videos, modules, plugins and even text.

Real time text eding, in the Live edit mode in Microweber CMS Default theme

2.Real time text writing & editing

The real time text writing & editing allows user to direct editing of the text on the site interface itself. It is a great feature to view the editing content instantly by saving time.

3.Rich on customization

Rich template can make the site more beautiful and rich. The developers also planning to launch Microweber marketplace to showcase their talented and to encourage designers and developers. Due to the many layouts and designing elements available, you can create a website to fill a diverse range of needs such as e-commerce site, blogging and mobile friendly.

Microweber Product template in the defaulth theme

4.E-Commerce support

Microweber is a E-Commerce friendly platform. Users can upload their products, add pictures and videos, set different pricing & shipping costs. It also allows users to customize their products using different aspects like sizes, colours, dimensions and much more. And a must have feature for a e-commerce site is payment gateway. Microweber supports various payment methods to checkout the order.

Overall it gives a new experience to the publishers with simplified usability.


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