50 Best And Most Beautiful Windows 8 Themes

Windows users are lucky people when it comes to enjoying the gorgeous themes to transform desktop completely. The attractive customization option available out there in the form of themes. Always Windows allows the maximum possibility to the user regarding usability and customization. Taking the advantage of theme support in Windows, I selected 50 best and most beautiful Windows 8 Themes.

Best Windows 8 Themes

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How to use third-party Windows 8 Themes?

Windows 8 doesn’t support or allowed to install third-party themes directly. First, you need to install UxTheme Patcher on your Windows machine. Installing UXTheme Multi-Patcher tool is very easy, download the latest version of the patch and extract the contents on the desktop.

UXTheme Multi Patcher For Windows 8

Now open the setup file, here check the box Aero Glass Transparency hack for Windows8/8.1. This option applies the transparent glass look to your theme. After the successful installation, the machine needs a restart to changes take effect. After the restart, your system is ready to install third party themes.

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Here is the complete list of 50 best Windows 8 Themes



Ambient is a cool Blue color oriented theme for Windows 8.1. The theme is minimal and stylish.


Its name itself represents its looks. The theme is very cool and give soothe effect to your eyes.

WhiteDior for Windows 8

A white color oriented Windows 8.1 Theme. The theme is minimal, and icons are also customized according to color.

Blaze for Windows 8

If you like Black color, then this theme is for you. It is an attractive theme for Windows 8.1 machine.
5.Soft Glass 8

SoftGlass 8

Best transparent theme for Windows 8.1. Looks are very decent and minimal.
6.8 Plus

8 Plus

This theme looks are much similar to original theme. But if you look into deep you can see the difference.
7.Abisso 2014 Dark Theme For Windows 8.1

Abisso 2014 Dark Theme for Windows 8

A perfect attractive Black color theme for Windows 8.1. The developer uses Black color for entire theme background. Ideal for passionate users.
8.Penumbra 8 Theme for Windows 8.1

Penumbra 8 Theme for Windows 8.1

A very bold looking theme, looks are attractive and stylish.
9.Catdo2 Theme for Windows 8.1

Catdo2 Theme for Windows 8.1

A wood background attractive isn’t it? Perfect theme for wood style lovers.
10.Axonkolor 8.1

Axonkolor 8.1

Like Tron movie? A Tron looking neon colors based theme for your Windows 8.1 PC.
11.Grey-Blue ML

Blue Greyml
12.Mac-X Black Theme For Windows 8.1

Mac-X Black Theme For Windows 8.1
13.Concave VS 8.1

Concave VS 8.1
14.Hush 8.1

Hush 8.1
15.Kongo 8.1

16.Vanilla for Windows 8.1


18.Steam VS for Windows 8.1

Steam VS for Windows 8.1
19.Exo Theme

Exo Theme
20.APPOWS 2014

21.Travelogue Tribute Theme

Travelogue Tribute Theme


23.OS X Lion 

OS X Lion
24.Yem Theme

Yem Theme
25.Executive VS

Executive VS
26.Equinox Limited Edition Theme

Equinox Limited Edition theme


28.AeroVG Ei8ht.1ne

AeroVG Ei8ht1ne

29.Clear 3.0 

Clear 3.0

30.Red B Theme

Red B Theme

31.Night Lion

Night Lion

32.Mac White Theme 

Mac White Theme

33.Ine Vs 

lne Vs

34.X-reD Theme

X-reD Theme



36.Mimi Theme

Mimi Theme

37.xZmN Theme




39.Cisl v1 

Cisl v1

40.Bel Minimal Theme

Bel Minimal Theme

41.Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard

42.Snow Leopard Glass

Snow Leopard Glass

43.Dark Lion

Dark Lion

44.Circo Theme

Circo Theme

45.EL Theme

EL Theme

46.Black Red Minimal

Black Red Minimal



48.Ketle Theme

Ketle Theme



50.Utuwhite Theme

Utuwhite Theme

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