What Is Alexa Rank? Tips To Improve Alexa Ranking

If you are into blogging, you might be at the idea of learning Alexa ranking system. It is a web information company and subsidiary of amazon.com, it simply audits and metrics the rank of your site in the ocean of websites.

What Does Alexa Rank Mean?

So what does Alexa rank mean ? Alexa is a completely different system, it is not based on number of page views or visitors or links connected to your blog. Alexa rank is purely based on its toolbar, it ranks your website when your visitor installs alexa toolbar on their browsers and opens your site. Alexa counts hits that pass through their toolbar, there is no shortcut or trick to improve alexa ranking artificially.

Importance of Alexa

Importance of Alexa Ranking

If you want to attract advertisers to your blog it is necessary to have a good alexa rank. The advertisers look for a good potential websites which has good traffic, organic traffic from search engines along with good alexa rank. According to my personal experience simple way to improve rank is daily update of your site with adding web development niche topics.

Confused? from my observations Alexa rank improves when you write about webmaster and web development related articles. The main reason behind this tip is webmasters and bloggers use Alexa toolbar to check their performance. When they open your site Alexa rank toolbar counts the visit and improves your rank.

The toolbar sends website visit information to its servers, the data is analysed by Alexa algorithm and updates rank periodically. Smaller ranking is better, 10000 site rank is better than 100,000 rank.

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Example: If you have 500 visits Alexa toolbar visits daily you get below 25000 rank in the next month.

Uses of Alexa Rank

1.To get advertisers.

2.Good for search engine optimization.

Tips To Improve Alexa Ranking

Tips To Improve Alexa Ranking

1.The most important point that a quality blog should follow is content. Write posts related to Alexa ranking system, Google page rank and WordPress and Blogging articles. It definitely get traffic from webmasters and bloggers and boost Alexa rank.

2.Place Alexa Widget on your blog. It improves the rank well.

3.Social media impact also boost your Alexa rank. If you are a well established blogger with vast number of followers on popular social media networks like Facebook and Twitter it boosts your Alexa rank within short span of time.

4.Write a review of Alexa ranking on your blog. When you write articles related to Alexa and Internet you will get visitors who installed Alexa toolbar on to their browsers.

5.Submit your site to Alexa and claim your site. This will helps you to improve your rank by linking your site to Alexa.

6.Update your blog regularly with quality Internet related articles.

7.Install Alexa Toolbar on your browser.

8.Focus on your niche and write quality posts. Gain good traffic and backlink to high PR sites.


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