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We have ton’s of applications to search files on PC and Mac. When it comes to Android, we use File Explorer apps for searching files and folders. Fortunately, Android allows us to get the max of the use of it with the help of Apps. Nowadays the Android usage is very advanced, and it just replaced the laptops usability. Android users can do many tasks which are performed by laptops and desktops. An Android user can download music, browse net; office works with the help of MS Office and TeamViewer, online bookings, travel organizing, and much more.

How To Search Everything In Android?

The Android devices are becoming personal managers to the users and stores almost all the necessary data of the user. Resulting, the device is becoming a data hub for the user. When you want to search for a file in PC, it is very easy to locate the file with the help of Windows Explorer, but in Android, the process is somehow difficult. If you are looking for a good searching app fro Android meet “Search Everything“. Search Everything is an app now available for Android, which makes you quickly search files. The app indexes each and every file or folder stored in Android device.

Search Everything

Upon launching the app, it automatically scans all the files stored on your phone or tablet. It includes your documents, music, videos, photos and all the files of operating system. If you want to search for a term, simply type the name, and the results will instantly appear. The app also shows you the file full path as well.

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Unfortunately the app work with files and folders located only in internal storage. The best part of the app is, When you tap on an item, a small menu shows up which lets you force open the file you searched for with any app. Search Everything is a helpful app for Android users.

Download Search Everything.

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