Power Clean-Optimize Cleaner-Android App Review

The Google Play store is already flooded with ton on Android cleaning apps. If you are looking for a simple, free and standalone Android performance improvement tool Power Clean is a suggestion for you.

What is Power Clean?

Power Clean provides you a simple and uncluttered experiance while performing cleaning on your Android device. It is a one stop solution to boost performance along with keeping your device clean.

How it works?

Power Clean has all the features packed to keep your Android device junk free by cleaning memory junk, cache junk, apk junk and residual junk.

I personally tested app on Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 with 8GB on board memory. After installing and performing all tasks suggested by Power Clean I’ve noticed performance difference positivley.

Power Clean Home Scree.

Like all other apps Power Clean can be installed from Google Play Store. After installation the app opens with a very clean user interface. The half of the user interface carries graphical representation of device storage, available RAM and CPU temperature.

Power Clean Junk Clean

Below half carries the options like Junk Clean, Memory Boost, Device Info and App Manager. After clicking on Junk Clean option the app scans all the junk files resided on your device and shows the list of unwanted files to be removed. Click on the Clean Junk tab to remove all the unnecessary files.

Memory Boost

Memory Boost option lets you to improve the device RAM performance by releasing the RAM. After the process done the app shows the amount RAM released instantly.

Device Info

Device info option shows your Android device hardware, battery status, device features and temperature. This feature is useful to know your device capabilities quickly.

App Manager option lets you to easily get rid of unwanted apps by allowing you to perform batch uninstallation. Most of the Android devices comes with pre installed default apps. Here the best part comes, you can disable the unwanted built in apps. You can also scan for the redundant apk files to clean the device.

Move Apps from internal memory to SD Card

If your device packed with a very small on board memory and facing low disk memory issues, Power Clean can move the apps from internal memory to external memory card with just one click. The app also supports notifications for easy cleaning and memory boosting.


Power Clean is a promising Android cleaning tool. It is amazingly convenient and powerful, especially if your device needs an effective cleaning. Power Clean – Optimize Cleaner is available as a ad free and free app in Google Play Store.

Power Clean-Optimize Cleaner for Android.

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