Top 5 Tools To Edit PNG File Online

PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is a very popular format we see in images. PNG is a rich format with high image quality, widely used in sharing photos and screen castings etc. One of the main advantages of PNG is its transparency, it lets you add image layers to the photo easily. We have tons of programs available for Windows and Mac to edit PNG file, but if you are looking for a way to edit it online, this post definitely for you.

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In most of the cases, even some popular image editing tools failed to edit PNG files. So we are here with list of top 5 tools to edit png file without losing transparency. These online free tools offer various other effects and resizing options, doesn’t compromise on reproducing the original image.

Top 5 Tools To Edit PNG File Online

Online Image Editor

Online Image Editor

Online Image Editor is a website which lets you to edit PNG files online. You can upload image directly from your computer or from a URL. Using this service you can overlay images, create round corners, twinkle star animations and much more.

FotoFlexer to edit png online


FotoFlexer is yet another free online PNG editing tool. If you want more than resizing options this web tool offers various effects, fonts, layers and shapes to make up your image.

Pixlr online png editor


Pixlr offers various tools to edit PNG file online. It looks like a photoshop with its left tool bar. It can edit your PNG file without loosing its transparency.



Lunapic is another great site to edit PNG files online. Lunapic offers various tools and effects to edit the uploaded PNG file. You can adjust, draw, add filters, add effects, animations and much more. It is one of my favourite web tool to edit images on the go.

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Images.My-Addr to edit png file online


Images.My-Addr works only for resizing images. This online tool is helpful to resizing PNG file without losing its transparency effect. The main advantage of this tools is you can do “smoothly interpolation” method for smooth PNG resizing without harming its transparency.

That’s it. The “best png editing tools online.”

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