3 Steps to Recover Data from Seagate External Hard Drive

Seagate external hard drives are one of the finest solutions that most people prefer for a reliable storage solution. These portable devices offer high performance and a huge space to store a maximum of data in a normal sized storage device, which is compatible with both PCs or Macs.

Seagate external hard drives are mostly used for backing up the important and large sized files and folders. Due to the large space capacity, these devices could be a complete backup solution for a computer data.

However, at times, even a well-functioning Seagate external hard drive become inaccessible, which may result in disaster. If you’ve faced similar circumstances and needed to perform recovery, you can try out Seagate external hard drive recovery tools as the delay would only make your data permanently gone.

Specifications of a Seagate External hard drive

  • Seagate External hard drives are an easy-to-use solution when it comes add data storage to the system instantly.
  • Seagate offers portable hard drive in the range of 500 GB to 6 TB.
  • These drives provide USB 3.0 connectivity
  •  with fast data transfer
  • These storage drives can be installed in seconds and can be automatically recognized by the operating systems without any configuration
  • These are the energy efficient storage drives

Well, to analyze the issues of the Seagate external hard drive, here we are going to discuss the scenario of the major causes of the problem.

Causes of an inaccessible Seagate external hard drive

  1. There is a USB-SATA board inside the drive enclosure that can go bad. To test this, you need to remove the drive from the enclosure and install directly on a PC.
  2. Abrupt power down during the transfer process of data from Seagate external hard drive to the computer using cut paste commands or visa verse. This also can cause loss of data, which was getting transferred.
  3. Virus infection could be a major cause of inaccessible external hard drive.
  4. The presence of bad sectors on the Seagate external hard drive can also corrupt data which can result in inaccessible data to the user.

Steps to fix the data

Solution 1: First thing you can try is to plug your inaccessible Seagate hard drive into another computer and check whether it can identify the drive or not. In case it does not work, then try to connect it with a new USB cable.

Solution 2: If the above method won’t work for you, then the only way to make your inaccessible data on work is a data recovery software that supports the recovery of an external hard drive. Although, there is multiple software available that offer you data recovery from an external hard drive, all of them cannot scan your higher capacity Seagate External hard drive. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery can find lost data from an external or internal hard drive in a few clicks. This tool includes a wide range of modules that can help you to recover your inaccessible data completely.

The software supports a wide verity of file formats and can recover your complete records and folders along with documents, photos, videos, and other multimedia files,  which are deleted accidentally or become inaccessible. This tool supports efficient scanning of storage space greater than 2TB and support lost or deleted volumes on Windows hard drive.

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