How To Get Earthquake Alerts Before They Strike

Natural calamities come suddenly, and they strike in a fraction of seconds. Recently, Nepal faced strong earthquake with 7.5 magnitudes; we’ve seen a lot of people lost their lives, loved ones and some people badly injured. A continues movement of tectonic plates beneath the surface of the Earth is the main reason behind earthquakes. Science is so much developed, and scientists can at least predict where it can likely to happen.

Some countries have warning systems, for example, Japan developed a national alert system in 2007 to detect tremors and alert people. In other regions of the world alert systems are not available. Now the technology has so much advanced and we can get earthquake alerts before they strike. We can’t stop the earthquake, but we can save people lives by a small alert. There are few apps available for Android users to alert about earthquakes.

How can you detect an earthquake

Earthquake Alert is an Android app available for free in Google Play Store. The app shows the list of earthquake activity around the World with location, time, depth and magnitude. The app has tabs to feature latest quakes list, map section to show the most recent quakes with a high magnitude and Earthquake news around the world.

Earthquake prediction

Earthquake Alert! Android App Features

  • Latest Earthquake News
  • Map With Seismic Activity
  • Satellite Map View
  • Push Notifications

The app user interface is neat, map and news can be accessed using tabs. The app collects data from USGS (United States Geological Survey) site, which is a US government website for natural hazards and the environment.It is not possible to predict an earthquake, by using this app we can get an idea about latest danger zones and seems to provide a good start.You can share the data on Social media platforms directly from the app. We are not pretending that the app is accurate, but it is worthy to take a look.

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