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U Watch U18 Android Smartwatch Review

A lot of technology changes we’ve seen these years. One of the most brilliant inventions of this century is a smartwatch. A good smartwatch is a package of Android power packed performance with fitness activity tracking. Feeling bored of wearing traditional watches, the time has come to change your wearable.

A smartwatch needs to do some things to attract regular watch consumers, for example, quick access to notifications, reading SMS, social status updates and most importantly time. If you are willing to make entry into a wearable era, our suggestion is U Watch U18. A budget-oriented powerful Android smartwatch with great capabilities.

U Watch U18 Review: Design and Specifications

At first glance, the U Watch U18 Watch belongs in the smartwatch camp. With its solid rectangle body and color display, it’s easy to compare it to Samsung Galaxy Gear. Aside from the looks and features, the U Watch U18 is slimmer, cheaper and lasts longer between charges than most other smartwatches. It has a pretty clear vision of what a smartwatch should be: simple, focused on smart and helpful notifications with pretty good battery life.

U Watch U18 Features and Performance

The watch is power packed with Dual Core processor, built-in GPS, compass, remote camera and sleep/motion tracking. On the connectivity side, it has Bluetooth version 4.0 and good WiFi. It has rectangle 1.54 inch IPS screen with 240x240px resolution. The watch is suitable for both Men and Women(Unisex).

The whole ethos of the U Watch U18 is a study of how to make a popular smartwatch. It also uses an open standard microUSB plug for charging, covered with a little rubber flap. The quality of the watch is good and also very comfortable to wear in any season.

U Watch U18 Review

U Watch U18 Performance

As for the software, there’s surprisingly little to say. It runs on Android version 4.4, with all its user-friendly features. You can check notifications and emails on the go; it supports popular social apps like WeChat and Gmail and much more. Built in GPS is a lifesaver all the time, it is useful for your outdoor activity, jungle or desert it doesn’t matter. The software is promising, and the hardware is substantial, the watch is very convenient to wear.

U18 Features

It also works with your smartphone as a companion; it connects to your phone seamlessly to deliver phone calls, messages, etc. Fortunately, it has functionalities like sleep tracking and motion tracking. Based on body turning frequency the watch calculates the quality sleep time, which helps you to analyze your daily sleeping habits.


Dual-core processor: Let the interactive communications/data sorting operation between the cell phone and smart watch become more stable and efficient.
Smart WiFi: Connect WiFi, you can use U18 to surf the Internet and download APK directly.
GPS navigator: No longer get lost! It is a good helper for outdoor sports.
Compass: Sensitive compass function, let your outdoor sports more wonderful.
Weather: Sync real-time weather, you can keep abreast of weather news, tell you which day is good for games.
Sleep monitor / Sports tracking: Track your sleep/sports status, let you in control of your sleep/sports, then develop a healthy habit.
Remote camera: Control your smart watch to take photos, enjoy the pleasure of taking pictures of your wrist.
Anti lost alarm / Find phone: Take care of your smart watch or mobile phone, effectively prevent loss.
Dialer / Message: When a call or message is coming, you can check it without taking out of your cell phone.
Phonebook / Call log: You can check the contacts and calls on the smart U watch U18.
Information pushing: Gmail, Facebook, Wechat, GPS, Game, Weather information push.


That said, if you’re looking for a nice smartwatch, and the U Watch U18 design appeals to you, its smart functions do add a dose of daily utility. For me, I could easily see the U18 replacing my day to traditional day watch.

Buy U Watch U18 Smartwatch.

Note: You can pick U Watch U18 for $175.97, and the company is currently running a promotion that available in a $74.09 price tag with coupon code “GBU18” especially for GearBest users.

U Watch U18 Android Smartwatch Review
7.1 Overall
Design Software
I could easily see the U18 replacing my day to day traditional watch.
Build Quality6
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