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Hexlock Android App Review – Best App Locking App

The security of an Android smartphone is something that should be taken very seriously. Android OS is easy to hack and vulnerable to threats. A simple swipe lock is not enough to secure your data from wrong hands. These days most of the people are using smartphones to carry their important documents, Emails, images and other sensitive data.

Traditional phone lock is very inconvenient to unlock every time. It becomes quite irritating, and you have to enter the unlock code every time the screen times out. Better is to just protect specific apps which contain all the important data. Luckily, for Android smartphones Google Play Store has some decent security apps to set password protection to specific apps. You don’t need to lock the entire device.

If you are looking for a simple to use and powerful app to secure your apps Hexlock for Android come in handy. Today I’m reviewing Hexlock from Liquidium, here is my complete review of the app.

Hexlock Installation


Installation of Hexlock is normal like other Android app installations. You can directly install on your Android device using Google Play Store.

Hexlock Home Screen

User Interface

After opening the app, it shows the screen with two straight forward options. The app lets you lock individual user and system apps with a PIN or pattern of your choice. You can either set PIN or Pattern to start using the app. For PIN option, you need to enter maximum four numbers, whereas pattern supports 9 dots to set lock pattern.

Once you’re done with that, the app takes you to its home screen, where you’ll find Profiles to select the apps listed under the Application.

Work Profile

The bar at the bottom of the individual profile contains options to lock all apps/actions under the current tab, swiping on the screen changes the profiles you’ve set. For every app, we focus on reviewing its features, user interface, and usability. But for this app we are interested in discussing its settings. The settings option is placed on the top-right corner of the user interface.

Hexlock Android App Settings

The app’s settings screen allows you to customize app settings like Pattern, passcode delay (immediately, after 10 sec or 60 sec), Uninstall Prevention, Auto Activate and Notify to lock new apps.

  • Passcode Type: You can set either PIN or Passcode
  • Require Passcode: By default, after a protected app is unlocked, AppLock re-locks it on exit. This option lets you to set time interval of delay in opening apps.
  • Uninstall Prevention: Some apps are easily uninstallable without sufficient privileges, this option disables the uninstallation by asking lock code. Means unauthorized persons are not able to access your device in any way. By default, the option is in Disable if you want you a can activate the option.
  • Auto Activate: Auto Activate is a clever feature, it automatically switch profiles when the device connects to different networks.
  • Notify to lock new Apps: This feature intimates you to lock every new app after immediate installation. It is helpful to add app easily to Hexlock after installation.

The app allows you to set a maximum number of 6 different profiles and you can lock different apps in each profile. By default, the app provides 6 different profiles names we commonly go through in our life. If you want any new profile name you can add or you can edit existing profile name and icon.

  • Work
  • Home
  • School
  • Parental
  • Party
  • Cafe

Hexlock Android App Locking Profiles

Hexlock App Profiles

If you happen to forget you unlock pattern or the PIN, simply click on top right dots and click on password? to retrieve your access. The Hexlock is very useful for those who want to protect their social apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Twitter, Email apps and Camera Gallery. The app is quite useful for everyone who owns an Android device.

Quick Features

  • Lock Whatsapp, Email’s and SMS. Keeps your messaging safe
  • Protect yourself from intruders. Lock your Games
  • Lock your Gallery and Photos. Keep your Privacy
  • Protect your Social Network apps. Secure your Kik and Facebook app
  • Lock your Systems. Control your own Wi-Fi, Settings etc


The main aim of the app is to protect your Android apps from wrong hands and the app is succeeded in its intention. The app looks good with attractive color combinations, easy to navigate and very easy to use. It is one of the best app to protect your Android device sensitive data.

The application is free of cost but comes with advertisements. If you find them annoying, you can purchase the ad-free version.

Download Hexlock App For Android

Hexlock Android App Review
8.6 Overall
Features User Interface
The app looks good with attractive color combinations, easy to navigate and very easy to use. It is one of the best app to protect your Android device sensitive data.
User Interface9
Value For Money9

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