Mlais MX Base vs Oukitel U8 Universe Tap – A Detailed Comparison

Today we found two Smartphones, Mlais MX Base and Oukitel U8, currently trending among the Chinese Smartphone Industry. Both the Smartphones fighting with each other for their place in the low price category. Mlais MX Base priced at $134.61, but available with $109.99 after the use of discount code (Find the discount code at the end of this post). Oukitel U8 Universe Tap is selling at $113.99. Almost both the phones selling at the same price tag. A comparison between these two smartphones tagged at the same price will be more interesting than a review. Read our detailed comparison below.

Mlais MX Base

Comparison between Mlais MX Base vs Oukitel U8 Universe Tap


Mlais MX Base is looking thicker with 9.9mm thickness. Oukitel U8 is thinner when compared and having a thickness of 7.9mm. Both are weighing at 198 grams. Both the Smartphones looking stunning and stylish. But, as we seen Mlais MX Base has a little smaller but thicker body where as Oukitel U8 has a little wider but a thinner body.

Winner based on Design is Oukitel U8 for its compactness while holding in hands with 7.9mm thickness compared to Mlais MX Base’s 9.9mm thickness. But, we have to note that there is no difference between their weight.

Oukitel U8 Universe Tap


Mlais MX Base has a 5.0-inch display while Oukitel U8 has a 5.5 inch wider display.  Both the Smartphones has a screen resolution of 1280 x 720 HD Quality with IPS LCD Panel. Another notable determining factor for display quality is screen density which is the reason for the sharpness of the screen. Here, Mlais MX Base has 294ppi screen density against the Oukitel U8’s 267ppi.

Winner for Display category is both of them. Buyers can choose either Mlais MX Base if they satisfied with 5.0 inch screen but high-density screen with more sharper display or Oukitel U8 if they feel good with lesser screen density of 267ppi but big wider screen of 5.5 inch.

Mlais MX Base Comparison


Both the Mlais MX Base and Oukitel U8 featured with 64 bit MTK6735, Cortex A53 Quad Core Processor chipset. But, the clock speed of Mlais MX Base is 1.3Ghz while Oukitel U8 is 1.0Ghz. Also both of them has Mali-T720 GPU Graphics Processor and 2GB RAM with 16Gb ROM. Latest Android 5.1 Lollipop OS is running on both the Smartphones. There is no much difference found between both of them in Performance and both running smoothly without any issues. But, both the smartphones is not advisable for playing high graphical games or apps, but you can run multiple apps at same time or can play all famous games like Candy Crush, Subway Surfers, Temple Run, Clash of clans and other games without any issues. We can’t expect more than this from a $110 range device.

Winner in Performance is Mlais MX Base, due to the clock speed of 1.3Ghz which is 0.3Ghz more than Oukitel U8 which has 1.0Ghz clock speed.


Mlais MX Base has a rear camera of 8MP and front camera of 5MP quality. Oukitel U8 has 13MP Rear Camera and 5MP Front Camera.

Winner based on Camera is Oukitel U8, with 13MP camera in the rear which is better than 8MP camera of Mlais MX Base.


Mlais MX Base has 4300mAh Li-Ion battery while Oukitel U8 has only a 2850mAh Li-Ion battery. Generally battery will drain more on a bigger screen than a smaller screen. In that case, Oukitel U8 has 5.5-inch screen against the Mlais MX Base’s 5.0-inch screen. So, once again it is a negative point for Oukitel U8.

Winner based on battery performance is without a doubt, Mlais MX Base with its big capacity of 4300mAh.

Oukitel U8 Universe Tap Comparison

Connectivity and other Features

Both of them features 4G LTE which is the latest technology in connectivity. Also, both has Bluetooth 4.0 and other basic connectivity options like GPS, WiFi etc. But, as an additional feature Oukitel U8 has Fingerprint sensor which is used to lock and unlock the phone using the fingerprint.

Winner based on extra features is Oukitel U8, for having Fingerprint sensor which is the latest technology.


Oukitel U8 Universal Tap got good ratings in Design, Camera and Extra Features, but missing the ratings in performance and battery which is very important for a Smartphone. On the other hand, Mlais MX Base has got good ratings in performance and battery than Oukitel U8. Without any doubt, the Battery with 4300mAh power makes Mlais MX Base as the winner of this comparison. At the same time, those who love high-quality Camera with a decent performing Smartphone can pick Oukitel U8 for its 13MP Camera.

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