How To Delete Gmail Account Permanently – Guide

Gmail is a revolutionary mailing service from the internet giant Google. It is not only a simple mailing service as the siblings. It has something special like file sharing, Hangouts, and many more services are offered by google through Gmail. The high-speed mailing service and fast attachments give a unique symbol to the Google mail. This uniqueness made the success in a very small period. Most probably, Each one of us will definitely have at least one Gmail account. We can’t be online and connected without the google mailing service.

But, If we have multiple Gmail accounts and some of them are not needed for anymore. Probably, we must delete it. Then, How to Delete Gmail account? Our simple and definitive guide on How to delete Gmail account will definitely help you to remove your unwanted Gmail address. Carefully follow the steps below to completely remove your Gmail account.

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How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently – Step by Step Guide

  1. Sign into My Account page to start the process.
  2. A window opens with so many options to control your account settings and privacy. You need to Navigate to the “Account preferences” section.
  3. Click on the Delete your account or services link under the Account preferences section on the left side list.
  4. Then, Choose Delete products. for  You may have to sign in again to do this. Because google cares a lot of your account and the security
  5. In the “Delete a Product” section, find Gmail and choose Delete. In this section, you may also delete any Google products associated with your Gmail account. To delete them, just choose delete option on that product.
  6. The steps are not yet completed. Follow the onscreen instructions carefully and choose Remove Gmail option.
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If you are completed all the steps given above carefully. Your Gmail account will be now in the google waste bin. It is not completely deleted at the very moment. You have a few weeks time to get it back. Sometimes you may regret the account deletion and want it back, Google can help you with this if you request the Recovery within few weeks. Read our complete and simple definitive Guide on How to Recover Deleted Gmail account.

Note: If you are not done the account recovery within a few weeks, Google might delete the account data forever. So, be quick.


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