Misfit Shine 2 Review – A Complete Guide To the New Shine 2

The Smarter, thinner, and stylish Misfit Shine 2 Activity tracker is out to the market for $99.99. The follower of the successful Misfit Shine has the incremental features to diverse it from the previous one. Misfit have approached a thinner manufacturing criteria for the product. The round shaped object working on a traditional watch battery which is with you in your walk, Swim, and even sleep can track all most of your daily tasks and be your fitness doctor. The elegantly designed product attached to a wristband to ensure 24×7 tracking of your life activities. In this Misfit Shine 2 Review, we are completely analyzing the Misfit device.

Misfit Shine 2 Box

Misfit Shine 2 Specs

Misfit Shine 2 Review: Features and design

The Misfit Shine is nothing but a round shaped device which can track all your daily activities like Steps, Calories Burned, Distance, Activity Types, Sleep quality and duration with the help of a motion tracking system and the siblings. The best part is that the device doesn’t even have a display on it. All we get is a 12 Multi-color LED lights on a Round shaped bulky metallic object made of Anodized Aircraft-grade Aluminum. But that object attached to our wrists is not just a playing doll. It can do a lot for us to maintain our fitness and track our daily activities.

Misfit Shine 2 Features

The waterproof structure of the Misfit can resist the water up to 50m. The device is only 8mm in thickness which makes it a diet star alongside with an 8.5g body weight. The Battery used in this device is just a traditional Cell battery which can fuel the device up to 6months. You never need to recharge the battery, just replace it when it is out of power. It is available for a very cheap rate in the market. Misfit shine 2 is available in many color variants. You can attach or detach the device to the multi-model and multi-color wristbands. Or you may fix it on your chains or on your pocket and anywhere else as you want.

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The Matte finish of the device can protect it from unnecessary tears and scratches. The Notification LED’s can express its beauty with the multicolor technology. The device uses each color in different modes for different notifications like Call, Massage, Task Start and Task completion. The data’s are transferred to the app by the built-in Bluetooth technology.

misfit shine app

Misfit Shine 2 Review: Activity tracking

The Misfit tracks your activities in all the time that is anywhere on your body. The Tracking of the device is quite accurate from extreme tests on various tasks. The device can also track your sleep! The wake-up mode exerts a silent vibration on your hands and helps to maintain your time. The sleep tracker records your sleep time and records in the app. The Heart rate can’t be tracked with the device, It is a small drawback of it. Probably a device with this kind of features and Price must come with a heart rate sensor too. But the company disappointed the users with this small drawback.

misfit shine tracker

Notification System

The notification system on the shine 2 is quite impressive. The device expresses all these features even without a display. The only output organ of the device is a 12 LED lights. But that is not a silly one. It Produces different color in different modes to give the exact Notifications to the users. We can set our goal with a simple tap on the device. The Shine LED lights will glow one by one to Notify the task completion. For example, if the task completed 50% the top half LED lights will glow up and if completed the task all LED’s will light. If we are not ready to stop even on 100%, The Shine to just changes the color to Yellow and continue giving results and like that for the remaining Percentages. Thus, you can easily determine the goal completion rate.

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When you receive a phone call, the LED lights at the top half of the device light up in green. When you receive a text message, they light up in blue. Very strange to say that, no manuals of the device describing how the LED light flash up or what does it indicates are not published by the company.

The Misfit App

The IOS and Android compatible Misfit Shine 2 App can store all your daily activities. You can view them in your app and analyze to improve the daily activities. We can look into the daily, weekly or monthly charts of our activities and thus make changes to them easily. You can get the details like steps, distance moved, calories burned, and the amount of sleep etc. This data can be shared as the Misfit rankings among the other users. The Profile of each user includes their ranking and we can compare our rankings with the others. The app can be used to set alarms, control Notifications and change the settings etc.


  • Waterproof design
  • Real-time Bluetooth Data transfer
  • Slim and Strong Aluminium Body


  • Non-Rechargeable battery
  • No Heartbeat Sensor


Misfit Shine 2 is a good activity tracking system with so many elegant and useful features. If you want to track all your daily works, calory usage, Sleep time etc. The Shine 2 is a good choice. The device is priced around $99.99 it is a bit high. But in Overall performance, Shine deserves to be in your pocket.

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Misfit Shine 2 Review
8.3 Overall
Unique Disgn
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Misfit Shine 2 is a good activity tracking system with so many elegant and useful features. If you want to track all your daily works, calory usage, Sleep time etc. The Shine 2 is a good choice. The device is priced around $99.99 it is a bit high. But in Overall performance, Shine Deserves to be in your pocket.
Build Quality8.5
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