Secure MMX Encrypted Messenger Review – A Secure Place to Chat

Secure MMX Encrypted Messenger is a powerful hardcore messenger app with the extreme security features which ensures the protection of the users at the max. Messenger apps are always used for casual chatting, sharing images and videos or time pass, but the MMX encrypted messenger app is something different from the usual messaging apps. The end to end encryption uses the specific keys stored in every device and wipes all the message history after a specific time. Business persons or officials who caring the security of their chat sessions will definitely love the app. You can remotely clear the chat messages from the recipients and any one of your files can’t be accessed by the recipient without your permission. We can analyse the app on this brief Secure MMX Encrypted Messenger review.

Secure MMX Encrypted Messenger Review

The first thing to do is to setup the app on your device. Never worry about the compatibility of the app because it is compatible with almost all versions of android. Once you have created an account with your email address, you can add contacts to the app either by email address or directly from your contact list.

Secure MMX Encrypted Messenger

If you have received any contact requests, it will be shown next to the contact tab and you can either accept them or ignore it. Once you are ready for a chat session and chose someone to chat with you, the encryption process will be started and the Unlocked padlock icon will turn to be locked and you may assume that you are protected. Then, you can chat with the other person and both of you are completely secured in your chat session.

Secure MMX Encrypted Messenger Review

The MMX is not just an encrypted messenger, it is packed with all the basic features, as usual, messaging apps. You can share videos and images but they are not stored on the recipient’s device. They can only see them and in anyways they can’t store it in their devices.

Secure MMX Encrypted Messenger Settings

Another punchy feature of the secure MMX encrypted messenger is that, the remote clearance of the messages. We can clear any of the chat sessions in anytime as we wish, even from the device of the recipient! or the app will automatically do it for you if you set a schedule in settings.

you can choose how often the messages to be cleared and protect the settings with a PIN code. It protects you from external access to the settings of the app. There are several options available to change related to the security and the content of the messenger. Auto delete messages can be configured to delete the previous chat history automatically after a specific span of time. Moreover, a stylish punchy keyboard is also provided with the MMX app.


  • The end-to-end Encryption ensures the security in each and every chat sessions in MMX messenger.
  • The remote wiping allows the users to wipe the previous chat sessions from the recipients device.
  • The encrypted Media sharing fulfils the entertainment with extreme security.
  • Security PIN prevents the external access to the settings.


  • The app is free only for a limited time or it is a trial.


Secure MMX Encrypted Messenger is the security suite for your chat sessions in all aspects. It secures each words you input and even the medias of your own. This is mostly recommended to the business persons or officials who are a lot caring of the security of their chat sessions and files. The unbreakable multi-layer protection can protect you from any fraudsters. The MMX Encrypted messenger worthy to be installed on your Smartphone. So, give it a try.

Secure MMX Encrypted Messenger Review
9 Overall
User Interface9
Value For Money10

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