Top 5 Ways To Turn Your iPad More Productive

The Apple products are always on the top of their quality and durability. The iPad is also not different from this. Alongside with a bunch of useful features and good performance, iPad is a heart touching device. If you owning one, it will be great. Your sweet device can be sweeten more by turning it more productive. It can be used more versatile if you make it a little more productive one. The productivity of any device is a great factor which in-builts the popularity through the feature. So, we have listed some of those important methods to get the complete juice of your iPad and make it more productive and we are sharing the Top 5 ways to turn Your iPad more productive.

1. Reorganize the Apps

There are hundreds of built-in features and our own apps were poured on the screen. The Home screen will be a waste bin of those unused apps and features and we are accessing the most often used ones by navigating  a long way. To increase the usability and easy to access of those ones, Reorganize the screen with the most used ones first and remove those often used ones and also make some changes in Settings to make it a better place to work with. This will considerably save your time.

2. Use and External Keyboard

Instead of using the onscreen keyboard on the iPad screen, try an External keyboard which is more comfortable than tapping on the screen. Most of you will be familiar with computer keyboards and some of you may be some good typists. So, it is always better to use the familiar keyboard for better typing speed and comfort. It will considerably increase the ease of use.

3. Workflow

Workflow is a great tool which implements a number of most useful features at one place. It greatly boosts the productivity of your device with the most useful features like PDF creator, GIF maker, Calculator, Tracking and all of your Favorite apps like Facebook, Dropbox. All of them arranged in categories and can be rearrange them as we decide. You can simply create workflows which connect apps together and automate the tasks you do on your device. A great tool which can help you in multiple ways with its elegant and extreme features. To be more productive on your iPad you must consider this one.

iPad as Secondary monitor

4. Use it as a Second monitor of your PC

Want a second monitor for your PC?. Why go for a PC monitor if you own an iPad. There are several apps available on the market which can connect your iPad as a second monitor of your PC. Air DisplayiDisplayREDFLY ScreenSlider are some of this kind. They can cheat the computer by implementing the iPad as a second monitor, thus, the PC displays the content on the iPad. A bad news is that, Most of such kind of apps are not available for free. you want to pay a small remuneration for the service they providing.

5. Airplane Mode to Charge Twice Faster

Airplane mode is not just a secure mode which blocks your access to certain features of the device. It has some good sides too. While on the airplane mode, the device completely setup for a secure environment by blocking the connectivity features like Call, wifi, Bluetooth and many other options which using most of the power inside the device. So, while we put it in the airplane mode alongside with charging it, we can definitely get a better charging speed. The results show that the iPad is charging almost Double faster than the normal charging in airplane mode. So, just Charge.


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