List of Cloud Email Backup Services

Every day most of us wake up with messenger and email notifications. While comparing to the messenger usage, we use emails mostly for serious business communications. After we started handling emails from many devices based on our situations, the security of email accounts losing its base. Also, loss of email data is possible with any email service. We already saw many hack attacks on big companies to access the email accounts of users.

How to safeguard our emails? Taking backup is one sort of solution. There are different methods of taking email backup exists in online. Certain service providers backup emails themselves on behalf of us. Email backup in the cloud is one such solution that backup every second of our email data.

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There are some service providers who concentrated alone on cloud email backup. Some email management services provide backup as additional service. Here we picked a few to check out.

List of Cloud Email Backup Services


Backupify is a cloud-based storage that do backup google apps. It includes Gmail. Other Email services are not featured with Backupify. But they do many another backup service such as Office 365, Salesforce, Social Media etc. Google app backup services starting from $3 per month. Features include Automated backup, unlimited storage, One click restore, search the backup,  complete security, and support.


Dropmyemail is the cheapest backup solution for any email service. Their plans start at $1 per month for 5GB of storage. You can add unlimited email accounts in all plans. File manager, Migration, Restore and Download features available in this service. For a simple backup solution, Dropmyemail is the cheap and best choice.


Cloud Ally provides various cloud backup services which include Gmail, Yahoo, and other IMAP emails backup. It also has Office 365, Google App, One Drive, Box and Salesforce cloud backup. It has the features of migration, download to our own storage and can be exported. All the data is encrypted under AES-256 Data Encryption program. Each plan starts at $2 – $3 per month.


Gmvault is an open source software that enables us to backup the Gmail account in the Hard disk. It is available in Windows, Mac, and Linux. Using the IMAP function, it makes backups without any issues. You can also restore the backup at any time. All the backup data is encrypted. The emails can be restored back to Gmail account from the backup. This could be a good choice for those who want to make a backup in their own PC/Mac.


MozBackup is only for taking backup of Mozilla products. This is not a particular option for Email backup, but this includes the Email backup as one of the main features. If we use it effectively, then this could be the ultimate choice of backup by our own. This backup tool supports almost all the products of Mozilla such as Firefox, Thunderbird, Netscape, Sunbird, Flock, Postbox etc.

Using this backup tool, we can easily take the backup of Thunderbird, Firefox or Netscape Email clients. If you are using any of the Mozilla product for managing emails, then this backup tool helps you. The backup will be stored in your Hard disk, which can be restored at any time.


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