How to Make Your Smartphone Charge Faster


Charging your phone from a laptop by connecting it by the USB cable doesn’t charge your phone much faster. Since they are outputting low current, the device only fills up slowly. The best way to charge your device is with the genuine charger connected to the power outlet of your room. In emergency situations don’t choose the laptops as the helper. Find the charger of your smartphone and connect it to the power outlet. The features like Fast charge will not help you if you are using some duplicate chargers or the chargers of the other models of the company. So, Choosing a right outlet and devices will help you to get the juice faster.

turn-on-airplane mode

Airplane mode blocks all network activities like internet connection, calls, messages and everything which drains your battery. In airplane mode, many services which drink your battery charge will be disabled. Airplane mode decreases the load of the device by turning off many services thus offering a quick charge in urgent situations. So, turn on the Airplane mode and start charging your device.

Note: Turning on the airplane mode will cut off your communications and you won’t be able to receive any calls or messages. So, only turn it on when you really don’t want those functions.



Why to keep the device alive if you really don’t need them?. Just turn off the smartphone and start charging. This will increase the charging speed drastically because there are no running tasks on the device which dries some battery. Moreover, the screen which uses about 50% of the battery capacity is itself turned off. So, you can make your device charge faster even the double of the normal charging.

Services running on your device needs a very big  percentage of the battery capacity to operate. So, turning them off will save some battery charge for you. Turn off all unnecessary services like Mobile data, Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS and everything you don’t need when the device is charging. This is a great way to decrease the device load thus save some battery charge. Also, avoid tapping on the screen to check the battery percentage frequently. As it also takes some charge of the device, try to avoid it.


If your charger uses a USB cable or if you are planning to charge your device from a computer by the USB connector. Be sure to choose the right USB cable for the purpose. Most of the devices (Almost all) coming with a genuine USB cable to charge or transfer data. It has the maximum possible charging speed than the imitating ones. SO, choosing them will be helpful to charge your device faster. If you lost the USB cable try to choose the best cables on the market. Don’t buy those cheap and low-quality thin cables.

Some of you may be one kind who allows the device to be charged even it reached 100% of the battery capacity. a big NO is my answer. You may think that it will again charge the battery beyond 100% and it holds some more charge on the battery. If so, you got it wrong. The 100% is the maximum capacity of the charge which the battery can hold. Charging further may inject some extra charge to the battery thus resulting in battery problems. In future, the device will not reach 100% charge even you charged it for days. The battery will lose its capacity to store the charge. So, unplug your smartphone once it reached 100% of its capacity.

Poetic Slimbook Leather Case

Not a big factor but a considerable one is to Remove the phone case. It won’t help to boosts the charging speed directly. But, it can reduce the device heat thus keeping the device cool. It will help your battery to stay healthy. Thus, your battery charging speed will increase in a little margin.

If you failed to charge the device at the last minute

Use the battery-saving mode

The battery-saving mode is a great way to hold the remaining charge in your battery as long as possible. The feature is available in the modern day devices. Turning it on will disable all unwanted applications, Reduce the screen brightness and adjust the performance of the smartphone to get the most juice out of the remaining power. If you failed to charge your device at the last minute, turn it on.


Use a Powerbank

Power banks are always good to have if you are a traveler or don’t get enough time to charge your devices. An average power bank can hold a charge which can charge your device up to 5 or 6 times. There are many good power banks like EasyAcc 2nd Gen. BrilliantASUS ZenPowerXiaomi MiTrusko is available on the market to keep the power on the go. If you really fail to charge your device at the last minute and if it happens frequently, you must buy a power bank.

Keeping your device live all the day is always important.  So, you must keep an eye on the battery capacity. If it drains, charge it fast when you are not busy in other things. If you forgot to keep it charged, you must charge it in the last minute. If you are doing so, the above tips might help you. If you have any other methods to make the process faster, let us know through your comments.

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