Google Paid $1 Billion to Apple in 2014

Google and apple are two born rivals on the tech industry. The quality of their products is unquestioned in the tech world. The rivalry made each other to compete to be on the first position of the tech industry. But, Google made a smart move by signing an agreement to make it as the default search engine in IOS devices which owned by apple. The deal happened in 2014 but was a hidden one to the tech world. Someone still don’t know even this deal was happened. IOS is the second largest or widely used smartphone OS in the world. So, being the default search engine in the IOS gives a huge margin to the global leaders than the other competitors. So, they made a pay of $1 Billion, which sounds as a huge one. But, the google can achieve it within months or from a few years if they stay as the default in the Apple devices.

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Google already owns the world’s best smartphone OS. The Android has more than 80% of the global share of the total smartphones in the world. But they want something more to ensure they staying as the best search engine in the world. The smart move by signing an agreement with the rival made it happen. Now, the IOS users are searching on google and google already making a huge income from the IOS share itself. But google made another deal with the apple to share the income from the google search. The rumors state that the share percentage is around 34%. So, apple also getting a share of income that they give to their rivals. This is also a reason for the signing in the deal.

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Both the companies are still silent about the deal details. They declined to comment about further details about the deal. It is not the first time the companies joins to make an agreement like this. Before this, they made several attempts to have a good relationship between them. Anyways, now both Google and apple having a good time with a deal worth $1 Billion. Let’s hope the companies will continue in their understanding and have a good relationship each other. The rivalry of the companies refuses to believe so, because there were several legal wars between all of the global leaders like Samsung, Google, Apple, Microsoft etc…

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