How to Enable Voice Typing on Android Devices

Voice typing is a great way to interact with your device using your voice. The modern day devices (Android 2.3 and Above) all consists of this great feature to make your device more productive. All you needed to speak the desired sentences. The device will automatically detect the voice and convert it into text on your text fields. Voice typing is a great alternative to the traditional keyboards coming with the android smartphones. It made a revolutionary change in typing by making the task so simple than the keyboard method.

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There are two ways you can enable the voice typing in your device. The online typing and the offline typing. To enable offline voice typing, your smartphone must be running on Android 4.2 or above. Through offline voice typing, you can type without an internet connection.

Note: Normally, voice typing requires an Internet connection. If you need to use the voice typing offline, you have to download the required language pack from the “Google Voice Typing” settings. This will enable the offline voice typing feature.


How to Enable Voice Typing on Android Devices Using Google Voice Typing

To enable voice typing on android devices using google voice typing, Carefully follow the steps given below.

  1. Go to the Settings Screen of your device.
  2. Go to “Language and Input” option in the Settings screen.
  3. Select“Google Voice Typing.
  4. Now, you enabled the google voice typing option as your Default input option.
  5. So, While typing anything, just select “Google Voice Typing” from the notification bar.
  6. Now, you will see a Mic in the middle which prompts you to speak.
  7. You can just start speaking, and it will start typing.
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Now, Voice typing is active on your android smartphone. Try to make your voice clearer to get the exact results as per your intention. There is a chance of errors in the Voice typed text. They can be cleared later. It is always better than writing the whole content by repeatedly tapping on the screen. Moreover, the Voice type feature also let you speak in languages other than English. To change the speaking language, just tap on the “Gear” icon next to “Google Voice Typing” and select “Languages.” There you can select the available languages.

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