Top 5 Funny Android Apps

Laughing is the soul of a happy, healthy life. According to Wikipedia, laughter is defined as Laughter is a physical reaction in humans and some other species of primate, consisting typically of rhythmical, often audible contractions of the diaphragm and other parts of the respiratory system.”.

But to me, I have a simpler definition: – It’s what makes life worth living, Period.

So well, here I’m compiling some of the best, funny, laughter evoking apps for your android devices. When you can have it all on a single device, why go looking for it in Magazines, newspapers, and stuff, right?

In fact, the HuffingtonPost says laughing can literally boost your lifeline! And it does too, laughing has a lot of benefits that we all mostly know about, to talk about one, it reduces stress. And less stress = less cell damage = more lifeline. That’s one of the simplest possible explanations!



You’ve definitely heard the name, it’s an app that has a huge collection of things that will make you laugh your heart out.

Funny memes, pictures, videos and other things of such sort populate the list.

It also has the ability to let you participate in votes in the community, which is a real engaged for you. Not just that, it also has the Cute / Loveable kind of sections, so if “laughing” is not exactly what you’re looking for, feel free to explore.



Similar to 9Gag but with just more functionality. It, of course,
has those funny memes and videos.

But in addition to them, it also has the ability to let you create your own posts! Yes, like a social media app in itself. You can sign up using Facebook or couple other methods.

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And it has inbuilt access to a lot of other similar apps and sites, so it’s like the one stop shop for all your laughing needs.



It has a huge collection of humor, stories, pictures and what not.

It’s not just an app where you can “find” stuff. You can submit your stuff as well,  and that gets liked and shared by other members.

The app is coded with a clean navigational system, and you can find Favorites, top rated stuff, and other sections right there.

Goat Simulator

Make mistakes, because they are awesome. Ever heard this line? If not, then this is the perfect example and demonstration of exactly what it means.

This was originally thought to be a serious game out there, but it had enough bugs, funny bugs that made it into a funny game.

You play the role of a Goat, yes a goat, and then you can play around with the goat and make it do strange things. The point is, this game was a mistake, an intentionally half-completed game.

And maybe that’s what makes it awesome.


Android has a big marketplace, a really big one, so you can find almost every single thing, type, the category of whatever you wish for. Be it Funny, sad, romantic or any other feeling you might have.

And it’s not just about feelings, if you’re that Bookworm who just can’t leave the “educational” stuff aside, you might even want to look up for Motivational book apps, How to top in exams app, or maybe just a list of the best engineering colleges in the world.

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The point is, android has got it all, so just name your demand and you shall have it. In fact According to LifeHacker, android is more popular and customizable compared to iOs, so no doubt it has such a huge marketplace.


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