Android N – The Next Android OS Update with New Features

Most awaited Android 6.0 Marshmallow is rolling worldwide. Before the Marshmallow gets rolling on all Android devices, the News about next Android software update rolling in the industry. The next Android update is code named as “Android N”.

The beta for Android N has already released. The developers can test the Android N beta on Nexus devices. After the experts tested the beta of Android N, the code-named update, we have observed the new features as told by the experts.

Based on this new software’s observations, we are sure that like the KitKat update, this one also going to be the best update for improved user interface.

There are many complaints and requests on Android OS so far we have seen. One of the main complaints in Android is its Battery draining system and shattered control settings. Most of the users don’t know how to use settings for optimizing the user interface and control the apps. There are only very few ways and less extent available to control the apps.

Though the user interface is getting changes in KitKat and Lollipop, in this new Android N, we heard that the user interface of Android is going to be set one step up.

Here are the observed features and changes in the new upcoming Android N update –

Call and Text Block

Until now Android users using Call and Text Blocking Apps and Carrier side support to prevent the annoying / spam calls and texts from a number. In the Android N, this work is going to be easy. The Android’s default Call and Text apps here after can maintain blocked number lists and which can also be accessed by the Service provider to update the blocked number lists.

In simple words, the Call and Text app can read and write the blocked number lists. We can expect the app makers and service providers will produce more enhanced methods to prevent the numbers using this new feature.

New design for Quick settings in Notification Panel

Notification panel in the Android is one most wanted feature and used by everyone to access the settings quickly. In the Android N update, quick settings options in the Notifications area can be of the choice of users. Users can choose the settings option they want in the panel.

As well as, the choice of more than one page is available. So, the many numbers of settings option can be added to the Notification panel. To go to the next or previous pages, users have to swipe right or left.

Access to Messages in Notification Panel

Another new feature is replying to the messages directly from the Notification panel, messages that can be of any messaging app, without any need to open the app. This is a feature already seen in iOS. Now we are getting this in Android from this N update.

Also, the messages can be archived in groups in the Notification panel itself, or you can dismiss the notifications which are already the available option.

Multiple Windows at same time

Without any software or app to split the screen to see two or more running apps at same time, now the stock Android itself bringing a new attribute to do this. This new attribute is called as resizableActivity. Using this, hereafter Android users can see two or more app screens at the same time.

Now we need to close the activity of one app to open the other app. So many apps run at the same time without a need to shut the operation of the apps. By this way, we can expect better multi-tasking in this new update.

Personally, I feel this option is an important one, and this will get big impact among the Android users. The reason is we are only using this multiple Windows (remember the term Windows we are using here after the Microsoft Windows. This is one example of the impact of multiple windows) in PCs. In smartphones, users are not yet feeling comfortable while using the multiple apps.

If this option is enabled in Android, the multi-tasking will move to next level in the Smartphone arena. At the same time, we can expect the pressure on the manufacturer to produce devices that support heavy multi-tasking.

Data Saver Mode

It is one of the most necessary control setting in Android. If this new Data Saver Mode enabled in settings, the background use of Data (Internet access) would be blocked. We are not sure about the options to set Data Saver mode for each app separately. So far we know this option is available to set as for whole apps at once. Some developers told there was an option to whitelist apps to use the Data even at Data Saver mode.

Energy Saving Doze Mode

This feature that related to saving the battery consumption while the screen turns off. At present, even the screen turns off, the background apps and functions run endlessly and eat the battery energy. Using this new feature Google saying that it would save additional power consumption of battery whenever the screen turns off.

But, some experts questioning on what does the Doze mode due to necessary background process or apps. For example, if the notifications of a message got dozed, it will be a serious problem then to use Doze mode.

We expect some advanced options in the Doze mode to control the screen of the situation better. We hope Google was already working on that.

Software Update for everyone

Now for Android updates, Smartphone users have to wait for the Manufacturer or Carrier to release the update. This takes more time and confusion among Android users. To avoid all of this, from this new update, every Android user can directly access the Update Portal and choose the updates.

This is also one significant change in the Android platform. If this come into action, fragmentation issues may come to an end.

Expected release date of Android N

The Android N update is in developing mode still. Now the beta tests are going on. This will take few months. The new name is also needed to be given to this update. Android N is just a code name given.

We expect along with the next Nexus device release; Android update will accompany with a new name. We will update any News explored in between he release.

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