10 Best Shooting Games for Android

Shooting games are always fun to play in your free times. Having a call of duty session with your PC may always not possible. So, you might be enjoying your favorites from the Android device you own. If you ever wondered which is the best shooting games to give a try from the list of thousands of games on the play store? Here we listed the 10 best shooting games for android which will bring you to the next level of shooting experience. These games have their own uniqueness in the gameplay and even in graphics. They give amazing visual experience alongside a great engagement on it. So, have a look at them and be ready to install them in your android smartphone.

#10. Modern Combat 5 Blackout

Moder Combat 5 Blackout is a yet interesting game with decent graphics. It is one of the competently done shooting games available today on the play store. There are tons of features to enjoy the game including the multi-player campaigns where you could enjoy the seamless gaming with your friends online. The gameplay looks good, and the gaming sessions looks very engaging.

Price: Free+

#9. Major Mayhem

Major Mayhem is an arcade shooter designed in a simple but elegant way, the developers implemented some genius methods of making the game most engaging without those high-end graphics. It features 45 levels, four game modes, 150 mini missions, and 20 weapons all can be unlocked by the skills of the shooter. You will receive achievements as you complete the missions and earn credits for the same. You could use that for unlocking the weapons and thus exploring more levels of the game.

Price: Free+

#8. Kill Shot Bravo

Kill Shot Bravo is yet another first person shooting game for your android device. It power packed with over 500 missions to play across the game using the achieved weapons and materials. Drones, exo-suits, mechs will all be your enemies in the game. To play with those bad guys, you really need to be engaged in the game and need the guts. The google play games leaderboard and achievements let you measure your skills and XP on the game.

Price: Free+

#7. Into the Dead

Into the dead is not like those games where the shooter can be controlled like standing, crouching, sitting, etc. Into the dead hero will be running limitlessly by killing on the way zombies. Your goal is to get as far as possible with the weapons you are given and pick up along the way by killing all of them. But, the features are not limited for the game. You could enjoy numerous missions and modes of the game by running through various zombie fields and killing them with the weapons you’ve achieved.

Price: Free+

#6. Hitman Sniper

As we all know, Hitman is one of the favorite game series in computers. They have also released the Hitman Sniper for the android devices. The 150+ missions offer a unique hitman style of kill and escape. Unlockable sniper rifles and hidden Easter eggs also boost the gameplay to the highest level of engagement. The game is available for $0.99 with in-app purchases.

Price: $0.99+

#5. Fields of Battle

Apart from the normal shooting games, in Fields of battle, you will be shooting paintballs instead of the bullets. Even it is not that much a high-end game, it engages you with the unique style and structure with the support of the online battles. You could create your own characters, change the weather to make it difficult or easy to play the game. All in all, it worths a try.

Price: Free+

#4. Deer Hunter 2016

Deer Hunter 2016 is a hunting game where you hunts and collects trophies that increase your skills. The locations will change as you improve the skills and earn points for the hunting. The graphics quality and the visuals looks stunning with the help of the nicely built structure of the game. It’s a solid shooting game which will engage even the beginners.

Price: Free+

#3. Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 is a zombie shooter game which comes with over 600 missions and hundreds of weapons to collect from. It’s one of the most longest and deepest shooter games available on the play store. It’s not just another shooting game. The features pulls it to the best list of the games with extreme graphics and good FPS. It’s a viable for free with in-app purchases.

Price: Free+

#2. Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 is another good graphics game with tons of villains and guns. the developers made to most engaging by making it a deeper shooter game. Long single player battles and campaigns sweetens the popularity of the Dead Effect 2. It’s also optimized for NVIDIA Shield devices. If you have one, you could enjoy the seamless shooting experience on it.

Price: Free+

#1. Critical Ops

Critical Ops is a nice shooting game, and we’ve selected it as the best of this list because of the extreme graphic quality and the game structure which is inspired of the games like call of duty and modern combat. There are thousands of weapon to pick from on the game. Throughout the Critical ops, you will never feel like playing a game, the amazing visual experience of the surrounding and good gaming structure will make you engaged to it like never before.

Price: Free+

We listed these games not only based on the graphics or gameplay they are offering. But we accepted a number of valuation methods to identify the well-built and most engaging games that deliver long gaming sessions without making you stressed or bored. For a shooter game, we believe it is necessary to build it in such a way that it will not affect the mood of the users by making them tensed to play and win the game. If so, it will increase the stress more than providing the happiness.

So, we listed them in a unique manner but not compromising the general aspects of selecting the best shooting games for android. If you are interested in shooting games and want to play something more than a usual shooter game, the above-given one’s will be the best choice that you can make now.

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