What is Gold in Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans is a better strategy game that well manipulated for the players to compete each other. The developers gave equal opportunities to the players to be the best of the game according to how much time they have spent on the COC and how much skilled they are in the game. Gold is an important resource in COC, which is used to purchase and upgrade things for your village. For example, if you wanted to add a Mortar to your village or wanted to upgrade your Town Hall to the next level, there are no other ways than spending some gold that you’ve earned from battles or produced using Gold mines.

As elixir is used for many upgrades and troop preparation, the Gold is mainly focused on the development of your village by the addition and the upgradation of the Items or Defense in your village. The below give screenshot shows the total gold that I have in my profile. It is showed in the top right corner of the window. As you can see, currently I am having a total gold storage of 8,85,267 in my profile. I can use it for any available upgrades or for buying new items for my village. As I am spending the gold, it will be reduced from my profile, and the results will be added to my village.

Clash of Clans Screenshot-gold

Spending gold effectively is very important in Clash of clans. Once you are out of stock, you will be stuck at current resources of your village and even can’t upgrade a single wall block of your village. To know more about spending gold effectively, read our article on How to spend gold effectively in Clash of clans.

Gold can be used for upgrading your Walls, Town Hall, Mortar, Canon, Elixir Storage and most of the items in your village. You could also unlock many troops using gold you have and can upgrade them from the Laboratory. Having this in account, it is very much important to keep your Gold storage safe from attacks and save your gold safely in your village.

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