10 Computer Mistakes Beginners Make

Computers are being a necessity to the world to work efficiently and to produce more than just from the brain of humans. Most of you may be owning a computer and some of you may not. Beings anxious to buy a new computer is a common thing among those who doesn’t own one. After buying your first computer, there is a big chance of many mistakes as you are with a new device where you don’t have enough experience. So, we listed some of the most common mistakes that many beginners making after buying their first computer.

If you are planning to buy a computer or already having a new one, this article will help you to prevent many common mistakes that will affect your computer. So, have a look at them.

1. Not aware of Backups

Backups are very important in any field. Especially if you are a business person or a student who needs to make their data secure and need it forever. Most of you may not having a proper backup of your important files. Realize that computer is nothing but a combination of some electronic parts that can be damaged anytime. A short circuit or a hard disk failure can make any of your files rest in graveyard. So, making a proper backup of all your important files is a necessary thing. We recommend using an external hard drive or CD to backup all your important data.

2. Being Fast on Installations

As a beginner, you may be eager to install many softwares and being quick on the process because of the Call of duty sessions or GTA sessions waiting for you. So many softwares are coming with a bunch of unnecessary add-ons or they will direct you to install some unnecessary softwares during the installation. They won’t do it automatically but prompt that during the installation of the other software.

You will be very quick by clicking the Next button. Anywhere you see a Next, you might click on that by accepting the terms and conditions to install that unnecessary software or add-on. Before being too much quick on the process, be sure to read the description or at least take a look at the headlines of each screen in your installation process. This may save you some space as well as it may protect you from some spam or malware.

3. Not Saving Works Frequently

If you are a beginner in computer-related operations, you might be exploring the digital world by studying new stuff each and every day. Once you reach the Microsoft office sessions or the Photoshop editing, you might enjoy it and may spend hours even on a single project. You continued your work for hours and some system crashes or shutdown  happened due to system failure or power failure. You could do nothing other than staring at the computer. So, saving all your works frequently is an important thing to remember while using the computer as a beginner. This may save some of your hard work as well as some hours.

4. Careless of Shutdown

Properly shutting down the computer is very important to safely stop all hardware and put the computer to a safe power off mode. Most of the beginners seem to be making a huge mistake while turning off the computer. Sometimes, the computer will take a little longer time than usual. The impatient people will press the power off button or switch off the UPS to make the computer shutdown fast. But, these methods will affect the hard drive and may cause some problems in future. So, wait for the system to completely shut down.

5. Opening Emails even without Reading the Description

If you are a beginner to the computer and the internet, you might be signed up or subscribed for various online services and you will be getting tons of emails each day. Opening each one of them carelessly may cause some problems like spamming or you may be a victim of the fraud activities. Before opening any mail that looks spammy or with any paid links, think twice or explore about it more on the internet. Especially, before opening the files inside the spam folder in your Gmail account, be sure to open only those emails which you think you are familiar with. Remember that, taking precautions are always better than taking remedies.

6. Downloading and Installing everything they See

Because of the eagerness to explore more about the internet and computer, many people are falling into many pits. If they have an internet connection too, they will be downloading everything they are seeing on the way and installing each software they get in hands. It is not good to follow this method without knowing much about the software that you are going to install on your computer. I know some guys who install more than 10 browsers for browsing internet. It is not good to have such a huge number of softwares just for a single purpose.

It is enough to carry one or two variations of the a software like Players and Browsers. Anything more than that will consume some unnecessary space on your hard disk as well as creating a system slow down problem. So, only install those softwares that are necessary for you to complete specific tasks. And be sure to validate the trust and usefulness of the software before downloading and installing it on your PC.

7. Not Updating

Updates are much important to keep your system and the softwares healthy with all latest security patches. Windows update is a very important thing to do frequently.

Alongside windows update it is necessary to keep all your system drivers and softwares upto date. Especially the antivirus programs that need frequent updates to stay updated with the latest malware prevention methods. To update the softwares and the entire computer, you should use some manual methods or some softwares that can be found on the internet. If you can’t do it yourself, it is better to consult a system expert or your friends who know these.

8. Buying incompatible Peripherals and Hardware

If you are a beginner and if you got some money too, you might be in search of something new to apply to your PC outside or even inside. Playing high-end games needs a good graphic card, enjoying high-quality sound need a better sound card, to improve the performance of the computer it needs upgrading the RAM or CPU. So, you might be replacing each one of them every day. It is good to do that. But, be sure to select the best fit for your computer and also be sure to check the compatibility between the current hardware and the new one’s. If any compatibility issues occur, the things won’t go good as it was before.

9. Cleaning Too Much

Cleaning your computer is always a good thing to do. But, anything is bad if you’ve done that in excess. Cleaning the keys too much by exerting too much pressure can cause the keys to stuck on the keyboard or to jump out of the keyboard. Like that, cleaning the motherboard and other inner parts of the computer can cause some serious damages due to any power failures or short circuits. Like the same, cleaning the monitor or the Lid by applying too much lubricants can also create problems.

So, while cleaning you computer, be sure to take necessary precautions or clean it in a smooth and secure way. And there is no need to clean your computer every day. Give at least 1-month gap between each cleanup of your computer. If you are using a laptop, only clean it at least after a few months. If you are not sure about the inner parts of the laptop or computer, consult a technician to do it.

10. Not taking Care of it

I know some of my friends are using their laptops and desktops just like some toys. First of all, realize that the computer is just an electronic device that could be damaged anytime. As any other valuable electronic devices, the computers also need proper care to make it working for years. Today’s computers cost some good amount of money. So, you might take care of it to avoid any damages or problems that may happen in future. I am repeating my words, Precautions are always better than remedies.

We think, you have got a good idea about the common mistakes that the beginners are making in case of their computer or laptop. Avoiding the above-given mistakes can give you a long lasting computer without any serious problems or damages. If you have anything to ask or if you have any other suggestions, feel free to comment in the following comment area. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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