What Makes XNSPY an Ideal iPhone Monitoring Software?

Parents and employers who want to keep people in constant check use iPhone monitoring software constantly. Because these apps are essential and offer a great peace of mind, re-subscribing for their services is inevitable. Therefore, making the right choice while choosing an ideal monitoring app is crucial. Here’s a concise review on XNSPY, to offer you an insight into why it is one of the most sought tracking apps in the market.


Pros and Cons of XNSPY

There are numerous advantages of using this monitoring app. For starters, they offer parents and employers an edge over their target person or persons. They can always keep track of their movements, listen to their conversations, read their messages and chats, and keep an eye on what apps they install in their iPhones. The greatest advantage is having knowledge about everything that the person does in his or her idle time, and if necessary parents and employers can take strict disciplinary actions.

The most interesting advantage of using XNSPY, in particular, is that it works on both iPhone (jailbroken and non-jailbroken) and Android devices as well. Moreover, it works in stealth mode and remains undetectable.


One of the cons of this app is that it doesn’t allow you to block websites. Another con is that you can only view texts and other messages and emails, but you cannot delete or tamper with the target’s data. The only option you have is to either wipe off the entire data or lock the device remotely.

Key Features

  • Geo-fencing – Users can know whenever the target person enters or leaves specific places.
  • GPS Tracking – This allows users to know where the target person is at any time.
  • Records background sounds – Users can record conversations happening near the iPhone or Android device on which the app is.
  • Monitoring emails – Users can see all emails sent and received.
  • Monitoring SMS and iMessages – The iPhone Monitoring software allows monitoring of all SMS and iMessages sent and received.
  • Monitoring Calls and record calls – Users can also listen to and record calls.
  • Monitoring photos and videos on the target device – Users can see all videos and photos sent and received from all messengers and those snapped by the user.
  • Monitoring social media chats (Facebook Messenger and Instagram activity) – Via this tracking app, users, can see all Instagram activities and read Facebook chats happening via the messenger installed on the cell phone.
  • Monitoring internet messengers (Viber, Skype, Kik, WhatsApp, and Line) – This app’s monitoring capability is not limited to SMS messages but extends to other internet messengers as well.
  • Remote control – Whenever users find it necessary, they can lock the device and wipe off all the data remotely.
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This app is available in the Basic and Premium edition. The basic one costs $8.32 per month. The Premium version is available at $12.49 per month. Buyers can pay for subscriptions on a monthly basis, three months, and annually.


Of course, users of the Basic edition have limited access to the features of the app, whereas users of the Premium version get complete access to all the amazing monitoring features. Overall, this iPhone monitoring software offers value for money and makes monitoring people very easy and effective.


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