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Driver Talent (Formerly called DriveTheLife) is a driver solution software that helps to find missing or corrupted drivers in Windows PC and to fix them. It also helps to update the outdated drivers by finding the best-matched ones from the internet. The Driver Talent offers a unique way to find and install any of the missing drivers without worrying about the compatibility. Users don’t want to download and install the drivers one by one as the software itself provides a one-click driver installation which downloads all missing drivers and installs them automatically.

The Driver Talent comprises of a vast database of the drivers and firmware that includes almost all drivers for any known computers and Windows OS. If any of the drivers making conflicts with the operating system or with the hardware, it can easily find them and reinstall the best-matched drivers. It also helps to download drivers for Windows 10 computer and update drivers for Windows 10 PC that makes it well fitting the latest Microsoft OS. So, it is a complete Windows driver updater software that can fix Windows computer driver problems by installing drivers for any versions including Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP. There is much more to explore about the software. So, let’s have a look at them.

Driver Talent Interface

Driver Talent Pro Home

The Driver Talent interface is very simple with a Scan button placed on the middle portion of the window. That button does all you needed for the drivers on your computer. When clicked on the Scan button, the software will start scanning your computer for the missing or corrupted drivers alongside those who need an update. They will be listed in three sections namely Need to be Repaired which lists the must fix driver problems, Normal, which lists the less effective driver problems or drivers which need an update, Game Components which contains the gaming drivers or firmware to make games run smoothly on your PC.

Driver Talent Pro Results

All you wanted to do is to click the Start button in the upper right corner of the window, and the software will automatically start downloading the drivers and install them automatically. If you prefer to choose them yourself, you could do that by clicking the download button near each driver and installing them one by one. So, that’s all what you have to do to make all your drivers run perfectly on your PC. It looks much simpler than any other driver solutions.

Driver Talent Features

Being one of the best driver solutions on the field, the Driver Talent comprises of some very useful features. Having a look at them will give you a definite idea about the software, and you can decide whether to opt it or not.

All in One Solution to Fix driver issues

Driver Talent is an all in one solution to fix all your driver needs. It offers something more than just a driver downloader or driver updater tool. Using the software, you could find out the complete system information, create backups of the drivers, restore the backups, manage installed drivers and can do much more. All of them are implemented in such a way that to provide maximum ease while using the software.

Pre-Download Drivers

Driver Talent Pro Pre-download

The Pre-download feature of the software let’s you pre-download drivers for any PC. Users can pre-download and save drivers for their own computer before System being changed or restored. After the system change or restoration, the pre-downloaded drivers can be again restored with some easy steps through the software. It also allows to pre-download drivers from your PC and transfer it to another computer or vice-versa that provides a better way to clone the drivers. This feature is very useful in conditions like when there is no internet.

One-Click Repair

All driver problems are just one-click away from you. You just have to click a single button to scan and fix all driver problems on your computer. This is a unique feature of the software that sweetens the popularity much better than the competitors.

Download the best-matched drivers

Driver Talent finds the best suite for the hardware in your computer. It searches the internet for the best-matched drivers and firmware that will work perfectly on your computer. The large database includes almost all drivers for all known devices that will make the task simpler.

Update to the latest drivers

The Driver update option can update the installed drivers or the driver which make conflicts to the latest available version. Users can also create backups before the driver updates and can restore them if any problem occurs with the new updates.

Backup, Restore, Uninstall or Reinstall  Drivers

Driver Talent Pro Uninstall

The software can do any tasks related to the system drivers. It can Backup, Restore, Uninstall and Reinstall all your drivers. So, no need to depend on an extra software to do the task. The easily understandable steps make the tasks simpler like never before.

Install drivers for computer hardware or USB-connected devices

Driver Talent Pro Peripherals Drivers

More than just caring about the computer hardware, the software also helps to install drivers for the USB-connected devices. So, there is no need to search for an extra driver for your external CD drive or for an external HDD that requires a driver to work.

Work for All Hardware and Windows OS

The compatibility is a good feature of the Driver Talent. The software is compatible with all Windows versions including Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP. The extensive database of the drivers can find out all drivers for your hardware and choose the best fit out of them.

Peak Gaming Experience

The newly added feature on the Driver Talent software will help to improve the performance of the games on the computer. The software will automatically find the softwares like DirectX and .Net Framework that are essential to run games smoothly on the computer. So, no need to search for the software or driver requirements of the games if you have Driver Talent installed on your computer


  • Easy to Use
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Quick installation (in less than 5 seconds!)
  • Downloads and Installs the drivers with a single button click
  • Fast download speed
  • Automatic Driver backups
  • Language Switch Options


  • Not Completely Free


Managing the drivers is that much important for the best performance and well-being of your computer. Accepting a manual method to do the task may be time-consuming and may create a lot of problems. So, an automated software can do the task for you. Driver Talent is such a good software that can help you out to Download, Install, Update and manage all the drivers needed for your computer. So, giving it a try may help you to make your tasks simpler and effective.

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Driver Talent Review
9 Overall
Value for money9


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