Case4fun Galaxy S7 Edge Case Review

If you own an S7 Edge, it will be a necessity to protect the beautiful device that costs something big. 50k or 60k budget is not that much small for the middle-class people. So, protecting the device will give you a tension free usage of the smartphone. For this, nowadays plenty of cases and covers available on the market. They are the extra layer of protection to the smartphones to secure it from accidental drops or damages.

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While coming back to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, there are plenty of cases available on the market with some good build quality and features. Case4fun Galaxy S7 Edge Case is such a nice piece that can be the best fit for the extreme protection of the smartphone.

The Case4fun case is made of soft TPU Shock Absorbent material that will be the best option to protect your smartphone from the accidental damages and burns. Alongside the shock protection, it can also protect the Edge from the scratches and tear. The grainy interior sweetens the shock absorption and scratch protection of the case.

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As the case is very slim and lightweight, it won’t increase the weight of the device in your hand. It’s just some millimeters in thickness that will never hurt your palms by making discomfort. The grainy material on the cover will provide extra grip on the smartphone thus making it stick on your hands without dropping.

The precise cutting of the materials will suit the buttons as much as possible, and it will also provide better reach to the buttons. Cameras, speakers, and ports are all made clear with this precision. It won’t hide the beauty of the nice S7 edge cover as it can transmit the light. Very slim and sleek design will be no more bulk to the smartphone.

The company claims that the product is made of Eco-friendly materials to never hurt the nature. They are giving a lifetime warranty on this product for the worry-free protection for the life of your phone. So, no need to worry about the damage of this product as the company their confident.


By summing all up, the Case4fun Galaxy S7 Edge Case will be a good option for the protection of your Samsung device. The build quality and the design looks perfect and makes it stylish to carry anywhere in your office, functions, meetings, etc… The product costs only $16.99, that is not that much of a higher pricing for this quality product. If you are interested in this product and want to protect your smartphone from accidents and damages, you can buy it from the following link.

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