Key Benefits StickerRide Brings To The US Advertising Market

StickerRide entering the US on-vehicle advertising market is a good news for both drivers and local brands seeking to expand their reach. So what exactly is StickerRide? It is a mobile app that serves an on-vehicle advertising platform where brands and drivers come together for mutual benefits. The drivers get an opportunity to earn cash that can be used to supplement their gas, parking, and car wash budgets while brands increase their target audience through outdoor advertising. Drivers become ambassadors of their favorite brands and are willing to recommend the brand to receptive audiences.

What is StickerRide?


StickerRide Logo

StickerRide is a brainchild of Mikhail Marchenko, Egor Matheny, Rasul Akhmedov, and Gleb Timofeev, who founded the company in 2013. The app is currently used by over 40,000 drivers all over the world. Popular brands such as P&G have used StickerRide with great success.

StickerRide in the US

This new digital approach to on-vehicle advertising brings numerous benefits to US brands and drivers. For instance, it brings better control and transparency in an outdoor advertising sector that was previously difficult to manage due to the lack of reliable analytics. Advertising on cars has always felt like trading in a black box. There was hardly any method or tool to measure the effectiveness of an on-vehicle advertising campaign. With the entry of StickerRide, car ads will be as effective and interactive as other online or digital advertising platforms.

Key Benefits

One of the key benefits that the advertisers will enjoy from StickerRide is the result-oriented approach the new technology brings. Drivers who install a brand’s sticker on their car will be genuine ambassadors. They will only choose a brand they feel loyal to, and one they can happily recommend to others. Advertisers will, therefore, work with true brand ambassadors eager to advertise their products or services. StickerRide provides personalized messages, hashtags, and creative designs to suit any advertising campaign.

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For the first time, advertisers will pay according to the driver’s activity. The app evaluates each driver’s activities according to miles covered, time of day, the city zone covered, and even the type of car displaying the stickers. With StickerRide, advertisers no longer have to worry about the cleanliness or even placement of stickers.

Another great benefit advertisers will get from StickerRide is the ability to spread the brand message to places where outdoor advertising is not allowed. For example, drivers can park near beaches, shopping malls, or even drive along freeways and act as outdoor ads in places where outdoor advertising is prohibited.

Advertisers will also benefit from real-time analytics provided by StickerRide. The app analyzes the car’s cleanliness, and where the stickers are in real time. The information is delivered in photographic reports. The app tracks the vehicle’s movement and miles covered using GPS technology, making it possible to monitor the car at all times via the advertisers dashboard.

For drivers, the app will provide an opportunity to earn money simply by having a sticker of your favorite brand on your car. The money can be used to pay for gasoline, parking, and other expenses.

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