What is a Web Hosting Server?

Ever wondered, what is a web hosting server? If so, this article is for you. In our previous article on web hosting, we’ve shared the information regarding the web hosting service. If you read it before continuing, you will get a better idea about the web servers. You can also get information from Wikipedia about the web services to get more juice out of this article.

What is Web Hosting Server?

Web hosting server is a computer system which dedicated for hosting services. There are various uses of a web server like website hosting, data backups, online storage, etc. In a web server, users could store almost anything as they do in their personal computers. Virtually, the servers can do any tasks which a computer can do in your home. But only within the limitations of the hosting company. A web hosting server has different natures where in some the same server will be shared among the users (Shared Hosting), Virtually split among the users (VPS hosting) or Completely dedicated to the user (Dedicated Hosting.) Users could select the best option according to their needs.

Where does the Web Servers are Placed?

The servers are placed in data centres which are located in different parts of the globe. For example, Bluehost has data centers in US, India and many other locations. Normally, the servers will include numerous hard drives, memories, processors for delivering superior performance to each web hosting account. All will be stacked one another on a huge rack put all together in a large room under moderate environment. It is really challenging to maintain the extreme heat produced by the resource-rich systems. So, some data centers taking advantage of cooling technologies to maintain the heat.

Can I setup My own Server?

As we’ve mentioned in our previous article on web hosting, the answer is a Haf Yes. It is very costly to setup and maintain a well-performing web server. You have to run the server 24×7 for delivering the website over the internet for all the users. You should also have a reliable internet connection which can manage high real-time and bandwidth. If you have all these requirements, Yes, it is possible by following some steps. We will post it in our future articles.

Now, you’ve got a basic idea about the function and usage of a web hosting server. Mostly, the web servers are depended for hosting websites online.


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