Best Sports Earphones with Bluetooth at Budget Cheap Price in 2016 (Coupons Included)

There are many types of earphones / headphones available in the market. The demand for the earphones is an ever-growing thing. One of the categories among the various earphones is sports earphones / earphones for running.

The major difference of Sports Earphones from the regular wired earphones is the Bluetooth connectivity. The wired connectivity would be a distraction and cause inconvenience while the person involved in a sports activity or running. That is where these Sports earphones come in. They have a pair of earbuds both connected with a piece of wire and Bluetooth connectivity feature.

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Here we gathered a set of five sports earphones with Bluetooth, which is selling in Chinese Online Stores with international shipping. We found a special summer promotional offer going on in one of the Chinese Store – Gearbest. We included the coupons given in Gearbest for the below earphones.


Cube CBH30 Intelligent Bluetooth Sport Earphone  

Cube CBH30 Sports Earphone works with the EasyClick app on both Android and iOS. It has NFC feature. The Bluetooth can be connected to two devices simultaneously. We can also attend calls with hands-free. The song changing, volume adjustments and answering the calls can be done with the cord control.

The price of Cube CBH30 Bluetooth Sports Earphone is $28.99. With the Coupon – LHCB, you can get it for $25.85.

Meizu EP-51

Meizu EP51 Bluetooth HiFi Music Sport Earbuds

No need to have a second thought that this Meizu is original or not. This is original Meizu sports earbuds only. This is a very high class in look. It is very light in weight. That fits the sports persons to use. The cable is designed with a Non-tangle Material. This also gives comfort while using and packing it in the box. The volume control and microphone are given on the side of the wire.

It has a built in APT-X Digital Audio Compression algorithm technology to bring the HiFi class audio. The speakers are Nano water resistance and Anti-sweat proof. This is the most wanted feature for sports persons.

The actual selling price of Meizu EP51 Bluetooth HiFi Music Sports Earbuds is $27.99. With the coupon – LHYD, you can get it for $26.00.


QCY QY 19 Bluetooth Sports Earphone

This sports earphone features CVC6.0 Noise reduction, APT-X Digital Compression technology, simultaneous connection with two devices, Waterproof, sweatproof, Voice Command and cord control. The cable is placed on the side of the wire.

The price of QCY QY 19 Bluetooth Sports Earphone is $18.99. With the Coupon – LHMA, the price is $16.80


MACAW T1000 Bluetooth HiFi Sport Earbuds

MACAW T1000 is a nice Earbuds for sports people. There is no much difference in the features comparing to the above. Bluetooth Connectivity works great. This also has APT-X Audio technology, Anti-sweat material, hands-free calls, volume control and song switch cord on the side. The cable is made of Nylon woven material.

The price is $19.99. The coupon code – LHMA brings down the price to $17.99

Moxpad X90

Moxpad X90 Sports Bluetooth Earphone

Moxpad X90 has double dynamic speakers, i.e., four speakers. Bluetooth Connectivity is available to connect with both Android and iOS smartphones. The speaker has a diamond cutting shape, which looks attractive and different. Also featured with Waterproof and Sweatproof.

The price is $14.00. With the coupon – LHMOX, you can buy it for $12.77.

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