RADII Connect With Your Neighborhood – Android App Review

Nowadays people are more connected than ever before in human history. It’s ironic that although distance friends and families have got closer, the social media has not helped people who live close to connecting. People are unable to connect easily to with the other individuals in a community. And it has a high social and economic impact. This is why everyone needs RADII.

What is RADII?

RADII is a revolutionary mobile social app with 4.6 MB downloadable size on Google Play store. This app helps you reach out to the local community seamlessly, safely and efficiently because whatever you have been searching for is “Connect With Your Neighborhood”. It non-intrusively connects people in a community.

This app is helping people to be more efficient and effective. In this way, this app makes connections easy. The entire social network works within the RADII (radius) specified by you. The app works with the help of GPS to track your current location and the RADII is set based on your current position.

radii app review

To get started with the app, register and then broadcast your need in a defined radius and see people from hat area reaching out to you. And as you start connecting, you will see that people have more in common with you than you thought was possible. This will help you to connect to your locality. What you need is not far, you just search for it in the places that are farther. But with RADII app, you will be more aware of the people around you.

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Core features of RADII app
The very features of this app make it different and considerably miles ahead from other social apps. Another interesting issue that RADII wishes to address is the prevalence of middlemen in every aspect of today’s social media interaction, whether they are personal or business in purpose.

  • Smooth broadcast – This app quickly transmits information in a radius to all the people around you. This feature of the RADII app allows you to communicate your message to the entire community.

radii app review

  • Chat in groups – Do you have a common interest? If yes, then you can make a group of people with similar interest and chat with them. Don’t worry; this does not require you to share any contact details.
  • Seamless Interaction – With the help of this app you can interact with people around you seamlessly. Are you planning to celebrate a festival together? Then why wait to add people on social media and share details? You have RADII.
  • Privacy – This app allows you to get in touch with people around you and your privacy won’t invade. Because your security is their concern, RADII maintains your privacy while you connect with the people. This proximity based social app never shares your identity with anyone until you explicitly share it.
  • Connect To People With Common Interest – The essence of RADII is to connect the people with mutual interest. For example: if you are looking for a gym or yoga partner, or to barter twice your children have outgrown, or to share the airport taxi fare with someone or just seeking to learn, teach a skill, RADII is here to help.
  • New connections – People who transfer to new places finds it hard to communicate with the neighbors and the community. RADII can make it easy for them to get connected with the neighboring community.
  • News and updates – You can stay connected with your loved ones and share news and keep them updated. RADII is a straightforward and swift way to communicate.
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RADII App Review: Verdict

This app works flawlessly on your Android smartphones so don’t hesitate and download it because it is free of cost. It supports Android 4.1 and above. So you Might as well have a feeling to want to download this app after reading and getting to know about these features of this fantastic social app. So don’t wait or hesitate! Join the RADII revolution and enrich your life. So Download this app and change the way you interact with your community, defined by just one parameter, RADIAL distance from you. Download this app for free on Google play store. iOS users will have to wait, but that’s okay.

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