GetResponse vs HubSpot – Which is the Perfect Marketing Automation Platform for SMBs & Online Marketers?

GetResponse is one of the best online marketing platforms, especially for SMBs and online marketers. It provides you all the features required for efficient and effective marketing automation within an affordable price range. There is hardly any other product that matches the rich features offered by GetResponse at its price. HubSpot is a great marketing automation solution. But with a price tag that’s multiple times that of GetResponse, it is far beyond the reach of SMBs. In fact, it is even excessively priced for larger companies.

So how do the two giants fare against each other, and which one is the perfect online marketing tool for your small or medium sized business?

1. GR_Marketing Automation Workflows

Marketing Automation

Generating new leads through marketing automation is something both the platforms are great at. Both GetResponse and HubSpot offer an all-in-one marketing platform.

2. HS_Marketing Automation

CRM Integration – Both the platforms support CRM integration.

Card Abandonment – GetResponse has the edge, as it allows you to engage with everyone who leaves their purchase journey. You can reach your card abandoners with highly targeted messages. HubSpot is a very powerful, premium marketing automation tool but lacks this feature.

A/B Testing – A/B testing for marketing automation gives HubSpot the edge. Customer journey and funnel analysis is also where HubSpot has the lead.

Visual Workflows Editor – GetResponse is designed for everyone – SMBs and online marketers. Their visual workflows editor is highly user-friendly and intuitive. Its drag-and-drop function allows anyone to create the most complex workflows with utmost ease. HubSpot has

Shopping Cart Integration – GetResponse has the edge for e-commerce marketers and businesses. Not only can it automate your marketing efforts for card abandoners, it also provides shopping integration.

3. GR_Email Marketing

Email Marketing
GetResponse is a veteran email marketing service provider. But HubSpot also offers an almost equally powerful email marketing platform.

Email Creators – With GR, there’s total control over email creation and editing. Choose from more than 500 unique newsletter templates and 1,000 iStock images and create custom emails for your subscribers. HubSpot too has an equally simple code-less email creator with hundreds of templates.

Edit Images – GR offers an image editor for creating even more unique newsletters.

4. Email_F_L

Email Analytics – GetResponse has Email Intelligence, which is a powerful tool to keep on top of your email marketing campaign. HubSpot has an integrated analytics system that covers its entire marketing platform. However, email analytics can also be accessed from within it. GR shows you metrics over time, single-click segmentation, email comparison, email ROI, auto responder stats, email clients stats, and much more. HubSpot’s email analytics gives you information about each click, email opens, the times emails are opened, and a comparison over mobile and desktop performance.

5. GR_Email Intelligence

Both the platforms provide tools to import lists, conduct A/B testing and get inbox previews before you send your emails.

7. GR_Landing page Templates

Landing Page Builder
Both GR and HS provide some of the best landing page creators of boost your online marketing campaigns.
GetResponse offers an easy-to-use landing page creator with the following features:

100s of Templates – Choose from hundreds of landing page templates – Sales Pages, Opt-in Pages, Promo Pages, Download Pages, Video Landing Pages, Webinar Pages, Thank You Pages, About Me Pages or create landing pages from scratch. All pages are unique and fully editable.
Responsive Design – All templates are fully responsive, allowing you to reach your subscribers on both mobile and desktop platforms with equal ease.

8. GR_Web Forms

Built-in Web Forms – Customize the web forms with labels and fields. Nurture leads more effectively.
Image Editor – Choose from over 1,000 free images and edit them using GetResponse’s easy-to-use image editor. Add special effects, apply stickers with discounts or calls to action, crop, change orientation, re-size, add text, draw, adjust, and do much more.

9. GR_Landing Page AB Testing

Conduct A/B Testing – Conduct AB Testing on each landing page your create to ensure that you get the best results. GR also provides a series of SEO tools to boost your search rankings.
Analytics – GetResponse provides popular analytics tool and remarketing services integration. Keep track of your landing page performance and adapt to boost the results.
HubSpot also provides a feature-rich landing page creator with the following features:

Create mobile-optimized landing pages by choosing from mobile-optimized unique templates.
Build forms with custom fields to boost your conversion rates.

Personalize call to actions, content, and forms based on visitor profiles including source, purchase stage, device and much more.
Integration with funnel

A/B Testing – Conduct AB testing on every element on your landing pages, from CTAs to images to headlines and everything in between.

Auto Responder
With AutoResponder 2.0, GetResponse has one of the best auto responders in the industry. It is rich in features that make it stand out against even a powerful marketing automation solution like HubSpot.

Its main features include the following:
Send Out Action-Based Messages – Respond automatically to the actions taken by your subscribers – completed transactions, opens, clicks, contact sign-ups, changes in contacts, and much more.

Time-Based Messages – Develop email cycles to reach your audience at the right time. Select day of the week, send unlimited messages daily, drag and drop order management, and much more.

Webinar Tool
Webinars allow you to reach your subscribers with more effective materials. GetResponse makes it possible to setup webinars, nurture leads (email invites/reminders), use social media sharing, and do much more to keep your audience engaged. Choose from a large number of webinar templates, integrate video and audio, track performance with powerful webinar reports and stats and improve.

HubSpot also allows you to create webinars, but GetResponse is miles ahead in terms of features.

The GetResponse Edge
HubSpot is without doubt one of the top marketing automation solutions in the market. But it is a premium product and beyond the budget for most businesses and online marketers. Onboarding is too costly. It requires annual commitment. Plans cost almost 10 times what GetResponse costs.

Both the online marketing platforms are almost comparable and it makes all the sense to invest in GetResponse.

Ease of Use – GetResponse has simplified its interface, controls and all aspects of editing elements. Anyone with basic computer skills can create powerful marketing automation workflows.

Affordability – GetResponse is the value-for-money online marketing tool. It will not be wrong to say that nothing matches it.

All-in-one Tool – Making automation, email marketing, landing page creator, powerful autoresponder, and webinar solutions – all this make GetResponse an affordable all-in-one online marketing tool. HubSpot can be equally powerful, but the premium price tag is unreasonably high.


Most SMBs and online marketers will feel lucky to have a marketing automation solution like GetResponse available to them. HubSpot may be one of the top alternatives available out there, it is simply not affordable for most. Anyone from entrepreneurs to well-established businesses to online marketers will find GetResponse the ideal all-in-one online marketing tool for them.

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    Braden Aug 29, 2016 at 11:51 am

    Great article! I don’t think that there is a perfect software, but GetResponse is certainly more approachable for small businesses. I’m definitely checking out their marketing automation. 🙂

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