5 Best Steam Alternatives for PC Gaming

Steam is one of the best gaming clients developed by Valve Corporation which provides great offers and deals on games. Steam serves 65+ million gamers all around the world with thousands of games packed inside. However, it is not everyone’s favorite due to some disadvantages like poor support.  If you are one of them, looking for an alternative will be a good choice. The extreme popularity of the steam made numerous alternatives in the industry. Which means it is not quite difficult to find a steam alternative these days.

So, if you are looking for some different gaming clients like steam which can fulfill all the requirements of the users, check out the 5 best Steam alternatives below:

1. GOG.com (good old games)

GOG.com-(good old-games)

GOG is a part of CD Projekt group who developed the Witcher game series. It is very popular for the best indie games which are very cheap when compared to the steam. Even if GOG has a smaller database than the steam, still it has a decent collection of amazing games for your PC that you can enjoy seamlessly. Great discounts and very cheap game deals are also a great attraction of this steam alternative.

In the website, you can now see an offer on the Witcher games which will expire soon. While selecting a steam alternative, GOG is the ultimate choice.

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2. Origin


Origin is undoubtedly the most popular gaming client that has a wide range of games listed. It is the complete pit stop for all EA games. FIFA, SIMS are all the great production from EA which exclusively on sale in the Origin store. Users could also expect offers and discounts each month or during promotions. Origin also delivers trial versions of the games which is one of the most likely features we have seen so far.

Based on a subscription package, the users can purchase games which could be canceled at any time. Origin is also a good steam alternative if you don’t like others on the list.

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3. GreenMan Gaming


Green man gaming is a new member on the console-streaming program list with all the capabilities to compete with others. It mainly covers the best of indie gaming where the list expands than a beginner on the field. Like Origin and Gog.com, Greenman also provides a good list of offers. Recently we found an 85%+ discount on some games which will be beneficial for gaming nerds.

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4. Kinguin


Kinguin is a steam like service that offers a secure way of grabbing your favorite games online. Unlike most of other services, Kinguin accepts Bitcoin payments with a 30-day money back guarantee. Discounts are also noticeable like others on this list. However, it may be a little difficult for the beginner gamers to follow their instructions and navigations on the website.

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5. Humble Bundle


Humble Bundle is a collection of bundles listed by Humble’s team. The list consists of a wide range of indie games like in indie game stand. Similar to  Origin, the connection with Twitch makes it easy to find favorite titles with ease. Extra discounts are there to sweeten the popularity as a good steam alternative.

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Which Steam alternative you prefer?

Steam has been in its golden times with millions of active users. But, still there are people who need a different choice to fulfill their needs. You might be one of them who need a steam alternative. Once you found a perfect fit from the list given above, let us know through your comments. It will be helpful for the readers.

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