5 Best Lock Screen Apps For Android

With the launch of new smartphones, OEMs have been improving their lock screen functionalities. They are developing more productive and interesting lock screen. We have a recent example where Samsung launched Good Lock lock screen.

Normally Lock screen apps would help us become more productive and offer more features than our default lock screen offers. So, we’ve compiled a list of 5 best lock screen apps for Android. Let’s check them out.

5 Best Lock Screen Apps For Android

GO Locker

One of most beautiful locker app available on the Play Store. It offers a lot of customization option. Along with the customizability, you get access to loads of themes across GO theme store. Not all the themes are free. It gives you an option to subscribe as a VIP user with in-app purchases. It works smooth but requires a good amount of resources. So, if you have a device with underrated specifications, it would trouble you.

Locker Master

Innovative and interesting app locker. If you are curious about different ways a lock screen can act as you should consider using this. It comes with a lot of features and unique lock screen styles as well. And, some of the lock screens are tough to unlock. So, be careful before activating a different lock screen style.

Echo Notifications

It’s a light alternative to the system lock screen where you can customize it well. It has been solely designed to help manage your notifications. It’s a pretty impressive app but not much of the features. Also, the fingerprint lock support is missing. It comes with a minimal design that is pleasant to look at and is not heavy on the device.

Screen Lock Guardian

Screen Lock Guardian

One of the unique lock screen app on the Play Store developed by the popularly-known Softonic. The user interface that you get here is simple, fast and smooth as well. It gives you the ability to enable intruder selfie alerts. For instance, if you’re in a crowded place, say with friends, you may have to leave your device with them for some reason. So, in your absence, the app captures pictures of the intruder through the front camera and would notify you immediately after you unlock the device.

Screen Lock Guardian
Price: Free

Solo Locker

Initially known as DIY locker that refers to the term – Do it Yourself. That means you would an ample of options to customize and redesign the lock screen according to what you like and imagine. It comes with the support to protect your privacy. You can hide applications right from your lock screen and prevent anyone from knowing about it unless the device has been unlocked. Unfortunately, this one also does not support fingerprint lock, but it does offer the ability to add a passcode to pictures that you want to protect. So, it would act in either way.

So, these are the best lock screen apps that you should get installed on your device. Did we miss any of the good lock screen apps which deserve to be within the top 5 positions? Hit us with your thoughts on the comments section below.

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