Top 20 Best Free Movie Apps for Android and iOS

Movie apps are essential for enjoying and downloading your favorites to your lovely Android or iOS smartphones. From the day movies founded by Eadweard Muybridge, it’s one of the most influenced things in human life. Today, films are one of the most entertaining favorite time pass methods in the globe. So, today we decided to provide you the list of some movie apps to install in Android or iOS smartphones. Using these apps, anyone could stream or watch movies online and download them seamlessly based on the app structure.

This list contains movie apps in different genres including comedy, horror, history, music, action, drama, family and much more. You could find more movie genres in IMDB website. Some of them are free movie apps, and some of them are paid. Many of them allow you to stream latest released movies online alongside popular TV shows and cartoons. Without explaining too much, let’s jump into the list of top 20 best free movie apps for android and ios.

List of the Best Free Movie Apps for Android and iOS

After creating a list of the movie apps, we found that many of them are displaying outdated content, and some of them are not updated for long. So in this list, we are sharing the most updated best movie apps for android alongside the best movie apps for iOS users as well.

Disclaimer: Some of the below-given apps may be restricted in your area or maybe unavailable due to removal or copyright restrictions. We will not be responsible for any type of problems occurred during the use of these apps.

1. Showbox


Showbox movie app is a popular choice for streaming online movies, TV series and reality shows for free of cost. It allows you to watch movies online from your Android smartphone, iPhone, iPad, PC, TV, etc. for free. This user-friendly app also allows users to stream full HD (1080P) videos also. Users could also download them for free. Showbox films are one of my personal favorites. But, the Showbox movie app is not available in Google play store or AppStore. Instead, you can download it from the website given below.

Showbox  for Android

2. Cinema box


Cinema Box is a good solution for watching and downloading movies online for free. This app is also google chrome cast supported which will allow the users to cast videos on bigger screens. As one of the best movie apps, Cinema Box has all the functionalities to be a perfect partner for all your movie needs.

Cinema Box for Android

3. MegaBox HD


MegaBox HD is a good movie app like ShowBox which is available for the android users. If you are searching for the best movie apps for iPhone or the best movie apps for iPad, this might not be the choice for you. It is considered as the best Showbox alternative with its likely behavior with the app.

MegaBox HD for Android

4. Flipps HD

Flipps HD

Flipps HD is a good movie app chose by millions for watching movies online, listening online music and for streaming online videos. A good feature to notice is the TV streaming facility available on the app which is beneficial for those who need a comfortable view of films. Flipps HD movie app is available both for android and ios users.

Flipps HD For Android

Flipps HD For iOS

5. Bobby Movie Box


Bobby Movie Box is one of the best movie apps for iPhone. With the modern UI build, the app is dedicated for the iOS users with a wide range of movies sorted in various genres and categories. The app allows you to stream movies even in HD quality.

Bobby Movie Box for iOS

6. Hulu Plus

Hulu plus

While other giants are dominating the movie apps industry, Hulu Plus still has a great relevance as a solution to grab old and new movies online. A small drawback of the service is that it costs something after the trial period provided by the company to have a test drive.

Hulu Plus for iOS

7. Hubi


Hubi let you watch and download your favorite movies and videos from the popular websites including 180Upload, AllMyVideos, BillionUploads, DaClips, EcoStream, FileBox, FileNuke, GorillaVid, MovReel, MovShare, NowVideo, PutLocker, SockShare, StageVu, StreamCloud, VeeHD, VidBull, VidxDen, Vk, Vudu, VReer, YouTube (streaming only), Zalaa, Zinwa, etc. The download manager inside the app enhances the downloading of your favorite files.

Hubi for Android

8. Flixster


Flixster app helps the users, watch full-length trailers of the movies, catch movie showtimes, and read reviews of their favorite shows. The must-see-list of movies can provide the best movies to watch with your friends and family. The interface is completely different from other streaming apps out there.

Flixster for Android

Flixster for iOS

9. Viewster


Viewster is the only movie app in this list which is concentrated on Anime content. Their database is updated weekly with classic anime contents alongside other genres. If you are looking for anime movie apps for your android or ios device, Viewster could be a good choice.

Viewster for Android

Viewster for iOS

10. Free Movies


With a database of over 5000+ movies, Free Movies could be the movie app installed on your android smartphone. Users could watch any of the genres including Sci-fi, Horror, Crime, War, Western, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, History, Mystery, Drama, Thriller, Musicals, etc. using the free movies app.

Free Movies app for android

11. YouTube


YouTube is one of the biggest video storehouse online which also has app alternatively called as one of the movie apps. The app helps to explore millions of videos online as well as providing a chance to watch movies created all over the world. The movies which are just released can be streamed by paying for it online. It is one of the best movie apps available online.

Visit Website

YouTube for Android

YouTube for iOS

12. Big Star Movies


Big Star Movies app is yet another solution for the film streaming needs. As per the developers, the app is compatible with almost any internet connected device including iPhone, iPad, Android TV, Roku, PopBox, Palm WebOS, Android, Samsung TV, Yahoo Widget, Vizio TV, Sony TV, etc. The company is also saying that if you are looking for Hollywood movie apps, this isn’t for you.

Big Star Movies for Android

13. Yidio


Yidio is a pit stop solution to stream online movies and tv shows. The movies are collected from 60+ sources ranging as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Xfinity, DirecTV, HBO GO, Hulu Plus, HBO NOW, Google Play, Crackle, MTV, CBS, FOX, CW, PBS, Lifetime, YouTube, Vudu, A&E, History Channel, Cartoon Network, MAX GO, Showtime, etc. In other words, Yidio is a complete movie search engine on the internet.

Yidio for Android

Yidio for iOS

14. Popcornflix


If you are looking for an app to watch free feature-length films on your android smartphone or tablet, Popcornflix might be a good choice. The Popcornflix database is updated daily with new films featuring the biggest stars in Hollywood.

Popcornflix for Android

15. Tubi TV


Unlike some of the premium movie apps on this list, Tubi TV is a completely free explorer of the big screen. But, there are some commercials on videos for their earnings. From our testing, they won’t take long as YouTube ads or other services. Their database is updated weekly with new content resulting in a freshness of the content every time you search for a movie.

Tubi TV for Android

16. Playbox


Playbox is nothing more than a regular movie app with all the features like the movie apps listed above. If you are looking for a good alternative for the above-listed movie apps, Playbox might be a good choice.

Not available Currently

18. Netflix


Netflix, undoubtedly one of the dominators in providing free movies online alongside much more premium contents. From the minds of Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings, Netflix was born in 1997 and still continues its successful journey. Looking it as a movie app, it’s a great source for free and paid films and videos sorted out in numerous categories.

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Netflix for Android

Netflix for iOS

19. IMDB


Apart from just one of the movie apps, IMDB serves millions of visitors with its uniqueness to be a uncomparable rating provider for the big screen. IMDB ratings are considered as one of the most trusted methods to verify the quality of films and shows. The app is the right way of exploring the film industry which also helps to get deep into the details.

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IMDB for Android

IMDB for iOS

20. Watch ABC


Watch ABC is a service from ABC network which provides movie streaming online. This movie app is a great alternative if you don’t like the movie apps listed above. ABC refurbished their movie apps frequently in recent years resulting in a huge update in their database. So, you could expect all of your favorites there.

ABC for iOS

Movies are beyond just Actors and Directors. It’s a whole virtual world where millions found shelter to throw away their problems and tensions. So, this list of the top 20 best free movie apps is a good reference to select the best you need. We hope this list helped you.

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