SpotCam HD Eva: Unmatched Cloud-based Wi-Fi Home Monitoring Camera

Business and homeowners realize the importance of surveillance cameras more than ever. It has become common to come across cameras being installed in many homes and most businesses. Even the smallest stores now ensure that their business is monitored, at least during business hours. However, the typical security camera isn’t what most people expect it to be. There are certain limitations, with recording and storage space being the most important. Most cameras don’t have the flexibility to tilt and pan and cover the entire horizon. And then, the poor picture quality is a usual ‘feature’ with almost every type of surveillance camera out there.

With the maximum possible tilt and pan coverage, cloud-based storage, and dozens of unique features, SpotCam HD Eva provides something that’s difficult to find elsewhere. So if you are going to have a camera in your home or business, make sure its SpotCam.

So what makes this security camera different, special and effective?

Picture Quality

SpotCam HD Eva addresses the conventional poor picture quality issue that comes with almost every security cam. So what does it offer?

  • Clear day & night picture.
  • Excellent low-light sensitivity.
  • 18x IR LEDs that give you up to 20 meters of clear view.
  • HD resolution that gives you finest detail (face recognition or viewing numbers is no longer an impossible job)
  • Gives 8x more detail with digital zoom function.

The cam also automatically switches between day and night modes. The cam has a special video compression feature that allows HD videos to be transmitted with utmost ease.


Ultra-Wide Angle Views

Most surveillance cams have a view angle limited to maximum 60°. SpotCam can not only cover almost twice that view angle; but it also has a horizontal pan range of 360 degrees. Its vertical tilt range is 50 degrees up and 20 degrees down. The digital zoom is 8x. Thus, it provides a far better coverage than most of the cams available.

Power of the Cloud

One of the biggest challenges to managing a surveillance camera is how to deal with the vast amount of recorded videos. The cams in business places often require bulky servers.

With SpotCam HD Eva, there’s no need to worry about storage management. All the recordings are stored in the cloud that’s unlimited. This means no more storage limitations, anytime access and no fear of losing the videos due to server or storage crash. The free cloud storage service will always keep your latest 24 hours on a rolling basis for free forever, and there are options to upgrade to 3/7/30 days for longer retention.

This also means no need for any SD cards. You will also not have to maintain any local storage devices. Since all recordings are stored in the cloud, you will enjoy anytime-anywhere access. SpotCam provides its own playback interface with the timeline.

SpotCam HD Eva is the first true cloud-based home camera system that offers pan/tilt.

Detection Features & Notifications

A surveillance cam wouldn’t be much without detection features. The SpotCam HD Eva has multiple detection features, which include:

  • Motion detection
  • Audio detection
  • Even disconnection detection

It can send instant alerts to email or IM to your mobile device.

2-Way Audio

Imagine being able to communicate with your family or employees through the surveillance cam. The SpotCam HD Eva has a 2-way audio feature that makes this possible.

There is a Mic in that allows you to listen and the speaker outlets you to speak using your device, which can be heard on the camera end. Thus, you can not only talk to your family and employees, but you can also speak to your pet or startle trespassers.

Why SpotCam HD Eva?

As if these features, most of which are unique, are not enough, there are so much more reasons why SpotCam HD Eva is the perfect surveillance cam for every home and commercial building. It is also the only major cloud-based cam brand offering all the three – weather-proof outdoor surveillance, indoor surveillance and pan/tilt feature. The IP65 dust and water protection feature makes it the perfect came for outdoor use. You will not have to worry about the elements damaging the camera in the long term.

It is also the only brand that offers FREE continuous cloud record forever. So you will never have to worry about all the storage.

If stopped for over 120 seconds, the cam remembers its current position. It will return to the last position once there is a reboot. So it will not leave any area uncovered. When the cam is pan/tilted to the edge, it will automatically bounce back. So you can know it even when you are away.

Ease of Use & Guarantee

Despite providing so many advanced and unmatched features, SpotCam HD Eva is easy to setup. You can set it up with your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Anyone can set it up without the need for technical knowledge. Your video will be up and visible in just a minute. An all this is covered with a lifetime free guarantee from SpotCam.

7.8 Total Score
SpotCam HD Eva Review

Anyone can set it up without the need for technical knowledge. Your video will be up and visible in just a minute.

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