Does Xbox 360 Play Blu Ray

Does Xbox 360 play Blu Ray? That’s why you are here right? To answer in a single line, Xbox 360 will not support Blu Ray discs. But, before giving up the hope, there are some chances.

Normally, the Blu Ray DVDs will come with a country or region restrictions which can’t be played from any other regions. So, if the Blu Ray that you are trying to play on your Xbox is such a kind, the percentage of hope is very low. If it is not a restricted disc, yes, there is some hope.

Does Xbox 360 Play Blu Ray?

Even if the answer for the question does Xbox 360 play Blu Rays is a No, there are numerous hacks available on the internet. But the bitter truth is that most of them failing sadly and are clear click baits to attract visitors to their website or video. As per most of the suggestions and answer from different sources, the Blu Ray discs are specially crafted for the Sony PS3, and they will not support in the Xbox 360 consoles. It is bad to hear that, but this is what we concluded based on thousands of answers from trusted sources and from our readers.

We also got some other questions like ‘Does Xbox 360 play Blu Ray movies.’ It is nevertheless to say that the answer is still a No. Even we found some converters that convert the Blu Ray format to the Xbox 360 supported format, we were not able to play the discs on our console (But some others saying that it is working). We also gathered information from many of our regular visitors, and they also stated that they are not doing what they made for.

So, the conclusion of our tests is that the Xbox 360 Blu Ray support is not likely the Xbox owners. You better go and buy Blu Ray player or the Ps3 from Sony.

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