How to Change WordPress Login URL

WordPress is no doubt the best CMS on the internet. With its unique features which are extremely easy to manage and use, it serves millions of users all over the globe. If you own a WordPress site, there is no much description needed about it. So, let’s directly come into the matter. Once you needed to change WordPress login URL to prevent any malicious login attempts or to prevent any future threats, you should have a look at this article.

We recommend changing the WordPress Login URL especially if someone repeatedly tries to access your admin area (This can be found by using numerous plugins like Wordfence.) As the risk of today’s internet world is at its peak, it is very necessary to take actions before being a victim of any type of hacks or attacks. So today, we have a plugin namely WPS Hide Login to introduce. This is the best Login page changer plugin that we found so far. it is extremely easy to use it as it only demands to type the desired URL that you want to set as the Login page of your WordPress website.

After installing the plugin, you just have to go to Settings > General in the WordPress dashboard. At the bottom of the page, you will see a section like this.


You just have to type the remaining portion of the URL in the given white box. For example, if you type “hiddenlogin” in the box, your website login URL will be “” It is simple as that. After typing the desired URL, be sure to save changes.

Note: The Login URL shouldn’t match with any other existing URLs in your website. For example, if you already have a page in the URL “,” you should never type “hiddenlogin” in the given box.

Now all set, and once anyone try to login to your default login page which is most commonly “,” the website will display an error screen like this.

Changing your WordPress login page is one of the most effective and easy methods for stopping the malicious login attempts or automated bot attacks. As most of the beginner WordPress keep their default login page provided by the WordPress upon the installation, it will be easier for the hackers to target those pages specifically. Changing it makes a literally impossible to break security between your WordPress site and the hackers.

There are numerous plugins available on the WordPress repository which help to change the default WordPress login page. Here are some of the honorable mentions among them.

  • Custom Login URL : It is an advanced plugin with some more features added such as different pages for Login, Registration, Password, and Logout. It also supports redirects.
  • Move Login: It is similar to the Custom Login URL plugin.

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