How to Send PDF in Email

PDF or Portable Document Format is a familiar document format to most of us. The protected non-editable documents are widespread in this era. If you are a beginner to the mailing services like Gmail, it is common to have some doubts regarding sending PDFs. So, we have an article for you where we describe the steps to send PDF in email. Follow them carefully to successfully complete the procedure.

  1. Login to the Gmail or other mailing services.
  2. Create a new mail by clicking on the appropriate button.
  3. In the window that appears, locate the “Attachment” button and click on it. (It differs in different mailing services but most of the cases, it will be represented by a paperclip like icon.)
  4. Now a windows screen where you can browse the PDF document will show up. Locate the document and select it. And then click the Open button. It will show the progress of the upload. For larger files, it may take longer depends on the internet connection speed. So, be patient in such cases.
  5. After finishing the upload and filling all other sections that you need, just click the send button.

This is what you have to do to send PDF in Email.


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