Top 5 Best Restaurant Apps for Android

Some of the best restaurant apps for android serve the purpose of letting you know where to find the best restaurants in your locale. Whether you’re away on business or simply looking for the best spot in town, these apps can help.

They’ll help you choose the best place to eat by providing you with suitable information, so that you can make the right choice. Here are some restaurant apps that you’re bound to enjoy:

#1. Urbanspoon Restaurant Reviews

To start off the list, we have one of the more popular restaurant apps in the store. This app allows you to find restaurants near you that you might like. The best part about this app is that they break down your search catalog into different categories. This gives you more options and the chance to narrow down your search as well. There is also a wishlist section with which you can add restaurants you’d like to visit. It uses the GPS system to track your location and list the nearest restaurants.

#2. Yelp

There is probably no need to introduce this app. Yelp is one of the apps that you need for when you need to know what people think about a certain place. It works well as a restaurant app as you can tell a lot about a restaurant based on the reviews left behind by its customers. If you’re looking to find the best restaurant near you with great reviews, then Yelp is the app to use.

#3. Restaurant Nutrition

This app is part of a greater health initiative to ensure that people eat healthy when they want to. If you’re one of those people on a diet or have decided to take up a healthier way of eating, this app will work best. Restaurant nutrition allows you to keep a food journal as well as rate and review the dishes that you had among many other things. A definite plus for those on the lookout for healthy eating spots.

Restaurant Nutrition
Price: Free+

#4. Food Spotting

There are some of us that like to immerse ourselves in the locale that we’re in (I know I’m one of these people). This app is made for them. Unlike other apps, Food spotting focuses more on the food than the restaurant themselves. The app won’t direct you to the best restaurant near you. Instead it’ll give you the best local dishes near you. If you’re looking to enjoy some of the best dishes while traveling, then try this awesome restaurant app.

Price: Free

#5. Restaurant Finder

Let’s close this list with an app whose name is quite self-explanatory. Restaurant Finder allows you to find the restaurants that are near your location. You can get information such as the opening times, reviews among many other things. There are people who don’t like the location to be turned on, for them, the app also includes the ability to search using zip or postcodes.

Restaurant Finder
Price: Free+

If you’re traveling, you’re going to need one of these best restaurant apps for Android. They all serve a purpose and meet different needs depending on the user. Which restaurant app do you think will serve you best?

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