Top 5 Best AI (Artificial Intelligence) Apps for Android Smartphones

You may think that artificial intelligence or AIs are something that we will be seeing in the future or that they only exist in the realm of science fiction, but in fact, we have AIs now. Yes, you may not know it, but you are probably already using it in your computers or smartphones. You may already know the famous Siri from iPhones, but it’s not the only AI out there. Unlike iPhones, in Android smartphones, there are tons of AIs to choose from. If you’re planning to have one for yourself, here are some of the Best AI apps for Android smartphones.

Best AI Apps for Android

#1. Evi

This AI app is certainly a smart one. It wouldn’t be an artificial intelligence without it being intelligent to begin with, right? Ask it any question, and you can be sure that this AI app can provide the answers. Evi, as it is called, also adapts and learns the more you ask it questions. So it will adapt to you the more you use it. You will surely have a fun time using this app.

Price: Free

#2. AIVC (Alice)

With this app, you can choose to use the free version and the pro version. With the free version, you can already enjoy the many functions and features of this AI app. Some of its functions include the alarm, emails, SMS, and calls. Not only that, it can also interact with other functions such as Google, Facebook, Translation, and Navigation.

AIVC (Alice)
Price: Free

#3. Robin

Robin is another one of the AI apps that you will surely enjoy using. Not only will it be helpful to you, it will be fun as well. With Robin, asking about places and directions will be a breeze. You can also ask it to update your Twitter and Facebook for you. Whenever you want to, you can also ask Robin to update you with the latest news.

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#4. Cyman Mark 2

Cyman Mark 2 may not be as popular as the other AI apps but it can function just as well. For the basics, you can ask this AI app to send messages for you and look for information, among other things. Also, you can ask this AI app to translate languages for you, manage your task lists, and even set your alarm.

Cyman Mark 2 Free
Price: Free

#5. Google Allo

With Google Allo, you will have the Google Assistant that can help you with your tasks. Not only will this AI app be able to answer your queries, it can even crack jokes. So if you’re having some downtime by yourself, make use of this AI app for some laughs. Other than that, you can also ask it to add tasks or schedules to your calendar. It also has a messenger application.

Google Allo
Price: Free

Now you have five AI apps to choose from. These will be able to help you in the simple tasks in your day to day life, making sure that you will do things more efficiently with your smartphones. Feel free to try any of them and see which ones fit your lifestyle and your needs best.


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