How to Convert Word to HTML

The Hyper Text Mark Up Language otherwise known as HTML has waxed stronger over the last couple of years. The HTML versions have metamorphosed from HTML 2.0 to HTML5 which has become a standard today. For documents online to be correctly displayed by web browsers, they ought to be in the HTML format.

And you wonder, do I need to know HTML language to transform my Microsoft Word documents to HTML?

Well, of course not. There are various ways to do that.

Convert Word to HTML using Microsoft Word

Assuming you’re done typing your work in Microsoft Word and you’ve probably saved it, here’s how to turn it into an HTML file.

  1. Open your work in Microsoft Word, then navigate to the “File” menu > select “Save As” > choose the destination folder and enter the filename
  2. Under the “Save As Type” field, select “Web Page” or “Web Page, Filtered” > Click “Save”.

The difference between the “WebPage” and the “WebPage Filtered” options are that the “WebPage” option saves the style elements of your Microsoft Word document, while the “Webpage Filtered” option doesn’t save any of the style and formattings.

Convert using Free Online Conversion Tools

There are tons of free online conversion tools that come in handy when you’re converting from Word to HTML or even Word to PDF as the case may be.

  • Word2CleanHTML – There’s no need to upload your files. Simply copy and paste your Microsoft Word Documents and Paste it in the box and hit the “Convert to clean HTML” button. Be sure to tick any formatting styles you want from the bottom of the box.
  • HTML Cleaner. Simply copy and paste your Microsoft Word document into the right side box and see the live HTML version on the left. Click the “Clean HTML” button to format the Word Document properly into acceptable HTML formats for the web.
  • WordHTML. Copy and paste your Microsoft Word Documents and paste it in the “Word Editor” box, then click the “HTML” option at the top right corner of the screen > hit the “Clean” button to format the HTML properly.
  • TextFixer. Paste your Microsoft Word document file into the box and click the “Convert Word to HTML” button to convert it.
  • PDFAid. Navigate to and click the “Select Word File” button and choose your Microsoft Word document > On step 2, tick the box that pertains to your Word document e.g. doc or docx or both > Step 3, click the “Generate HTML” button to get your HTML document.
  • WordCleaner. Click the “Choose File” button and select your Word Document > enter your email address to receive the converted file > Click the “Upload My File And Convert It to HTML” button.

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