Easy Way To Take Webpage Screenshot In Microsoft Edge

Every Windows users are aware of Edge Browser. Microsoft launched the Edge browser exclusively for Windows users with advanced browsing features. It is a Microsofts big step towards the browser are with great features like better PDF reading support, a narrator for address bar and bug fixes.

But coming to screenshot features, Microsft haven’t added particular option or shortcut to take. But you can take screenshots quickly using below steps.

Take Screenshot In Microsoft Edge Using Built-In Tools

  1. First, open the website or web page you want to capture.Step 1 To Take Screenshot In Microsoft Edge Browser
  2. Here, click on the pencil and selection icon present on the top right corner of the browser.Step 2 To Take Screenshot In Microsoft Edge Browser
  3. If you want to take a full page screenshot of the page, click on the “Save” icon in the purple menu bar.Step 3 To Take Screenshot In Microsoft Edge Browser
  4. Or if you are looking to take a portion of the window, click on the scissor icon in the top left the menu.Step 4 To Take Screenshot In Microsoft Edge Browser
  5. Click on the any of the above options will let you take a screenshot, it will darken the image and show “Drag to copy region.”
  6. Here, the darkened area is your unwanted section and highlighted portion would be the screenshot section.

Using External Tools To Take Screenshot In Microsoft Edge Browser

There are some tools available to take a screenshot in Microsoft Edge Browser. Using these tools you can take any screenshot easily. Here, I want to mention two good tools; one is paid, and another is a free program.


Snagit is a very popular tool available to take screenshots. Apart from screenshot feature, you can record on screen video too. The program has robust features which make simple to take screenshots. To avail its features, you have to pay $49.


Greenshot is a free tool for screen capturing. It is packed with best features to capture a window or fullscreen.

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