Polk Audio Boom Bit Review

The Polk Audio Boom Bit is a tiny champ that loudly and strenuously makes its presence known and felt. Cheap, capable and multi-use, it proves good things do still come in tiny packages with clip-ons attached.

Look away, look away all the audiophiles. For the rest of you humble mortals like I, pay careful heed. If you are in need of a tiny yet capable and even wearable Bluetooth speaker to advertise your august presence anywhere, anytime, anyplace with thumps, booms and shouts aplenty, then prepare to get poked, sorry Polked. And at a price you can actually grin and crow about, courtesy of the small but still mighty Polk Boom Bit Bluetooth audio speaker.

While the Polk Boom Bit is not the first wearable Bluetooth device unveiled, or currently on the market, it is definitely one of the better choices out there. And boy, is it small! And loud too, with 3/4-inch drivers, volume controls on the side, speaker holes on the front, as well as a clip on the back for attaching securely to your varied attire. About the size and shape of a USB flash drive, and easily mistakable for one, this little critter is additionally water-resistant and comes packing a mic that conveniently transforms it into a speakerphone for hands-free call making. Thereby so doubling the usability, practicality, and its multi-functional cred. Battery life is a reasonable 3 hours, but will vary depending on use. With charging up being accomplished via any standard USB cable. And am sure you got plenty of those lying around idle around the house.

In the box -or rather sachet-, you get just the device, along with a user manual. No cables, extra goodies or other whatnots. To turn it on, just hold down the pair of volume controls simultaneously and voilà, it will automatically enter its Bluetooth pairing mode. Pairing with my device was speedy and painless, and the connection was always solid. As well, call quality during calls with the Polk Boom Bit is rather good if unspectacular. But ensure that the device is near your mouth to get the best effect.

Sound output is a seemingly meager 1.5 watts, which turned up to the hilt at close range though is almost deafening. As to be expected, at the top end, audio clarity tends to suffer like a prisoner on death row. How the bass? What bass? The bass here is doled out grudgingly in positively miserly amounts. So, if you are among the bass faithful, then I offer my sincere condolences. But then, the Polk Boom Bit was devised as a louder and portable alternative to your phone’s speakers, and it is indeed excellent at that. Rather than replacing say your Beats headphones.

Mid-range though is where this little fella excels at and delivers reasonably respectable audio, that drew stares aplenty while I was out and prominently rocking it. Usage and possible customers are essentially unlimited and range from athletes who desire a very portable hands-free speaker, rather than having their ears plugged up like a stuffed Christmas turkey. To practically anyone who wants a device to loudly daze and dazzle with whether indoors or out.

Price is $30, with a variety of colors and flavors to choose from. While weight is an unnoticeable 32 grams. And all in all, the Polk Boom Bit is a solid performer and delivers excellent value for your little bit of money.

Polk Audio Boom Bit Review
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Build Quality7.5
Sound Quality7

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