Lock Your Android Touch Screen Temporarily With Touch Lock

When it comes to safety and security, every step another take will count. Now we see Android devices everywhere. Many people are using Android devices as a primary smartphone. If you are concerned about your Android smartphone keeping away from children and want to lock the device functionality temporarily this app is for you.

Touch Lock is our app of the day; this app will disable the touch functionality of your Android device temporarily. To activate the touch lock you have to click on the “Touch Lock” icon present in the notification panel. After clicking lock, the touch screen will be disabled. To disable this feature, double-click on the same Touch Lock icon.

Developer Words

Touch Lock is an unprecedented personal parenting assistant for modern parents with functions specially designed for children aged 0~6. It prevents accidental screen touches that might cause interruption or damage of your digital devices.

However, this app is not meant for the adults who wants to steal your device information. This app is particularly made for parents, who want to keep the device away from kids handling.

Lock Your Android Touch Screen

Touch Lock App Features

  • Home Key Back key Apps soft keys and others 100% locked and disabled.
  • Thousands of free and child-safe videos for children aged 0~6
  • Kids Mode in just one touch. No need to switch between launchers Only for devices with soft keys
  • Calls won’t be hung up by your kid’s curious hands
  • No obstruction while taking photos underwater
  • Helping children concentrate and make them interested in learning
  • Making your tablet a drawing board for your kid in just one step
  • Keeping your kid quiet and focus with interesting videos on trains or buses
  • The best way for a better experience watching Netflix

The app is pretty simple to use and perfect for parents. Touch Lock is available for free in Google Play Store.

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